Thursday, December 5, 2013

Deer Here!

Hallo! I am so excited to post today! :D

It's Update Day! Hooray!

Yes! Deer have arrived! For once they aren't in the Diamond Shop! ^.^
Oh no....I'm so sorry NMs!

Cool! The pet reindeers have returned! :D
I wonder why it posts about Gingerbread House dens if they aren't....oh, I see now! They are being sold in the Diamond Shop for 5 Diamonds.

Wait, WHAT!?
*goes to Diamond Shop*

This is awesome!
Past Jamaaliday gifts are now in the Diamond Shop for only 1 Diamond and ALL JAMMERS!
Doesn't that rock? :3

Ooh! An exhibit on deer and a NEW ADVENTURE coming soon! I love updates.

I am excited for the new app! Tunnel Town isn't working so well with me. Whenever I try to log on the phone blacks out and returns to the home screen! >:I

Here's my little bundle of joy (not really XD)!

(I also have another outfit so don't expect me to be like this all the time. :P)

I can make a video for y'all who don't have a deer to see it's moves and stuff.

And last but not least the new item: the returning Jolly Elf Hat!

Wow! 2 Non-Member items in a row! That must set a record, right?

Also, thank you for the gifts so far! You've got about 2 days left to send if you were thinking of it. Remember, send to animalclip!

Don't forget that the contest has ended, so no more entering! The results will be posted today or tomorrow.

Goodbye and have a fun time with the new animal!

(Please follow my blog. :3)

1 comment:

  1. I love the deer! They're adorable. :3
    But the bringing back Jamaaliday gifts.. They're for nonmembers, but NM's can't get them, unless you're REALLY lucky on the Daily Spin!


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