Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deer Fur

Hey Jammers!

Apparently my body decided to sleep in today, so excuse me for my late post. >.<

Today's NEW item is a bundle of Deer Fur. o.o

There's good news and bad news about this item.

The good news? It looks like the neck fur on Arctic Wolves, and I've always liked that. ^.^

The bad news? It looks like a deer was shot and the fur  is being sold. Also, on some animals it looks like a beard. DX

Again here is the party invitation!

That's all there is to talk about today....



  1. Deer fur is... Uhh... Certainly an uh... ORIGINAL item. :3

  2. I think I will try to come ,even though I am pretty busy tomorrow as I am buying my mini ad tomorrow

  3. if you have any deer fur give it to me if its unwanted because i wanna be evee

    = tomboymember

  4. whats deer fur worth ●●●●●●●

  5. Hi! I know this an old post, but anyways, does anyone have an unwanted purple deer fur? I really want some for my look! its a purple woolen sweater, purple deer antlers, and purple cuffs. I need purple deer fur too! If anyone has any, my username is puppylover7600. Jamagram me, and ill buddy you so we can make the trade. Thanks

  6. How much is deer fur even worth?


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