Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snow Shovel & Party

Hi Jammers! *looks at time* Aaarrggh. ANOTHER late post. *sigh*

And it doesn't help with my stuffy nose! >.<

*blows nose*

Hey, I wanna see you try to blow your nose on a Santa napkin! :3

Moving on now.

Today's new item is a SNOW SHOVEL, which is for NON-MEMBERS!

FINALLY! It seems like eons have passed since we got an item for everyone.

The item is pretty cute too, agreed?

Last minute reminder for the party, as it's today.

There's a new News Crew assignment on the Daily Explorer. It has a topic of Hopes for the New Year. My hopes for next year in AJ are:

1. People getting their senses straight and quick hacking/scamming for rares
2. AJHQ getting their equality rights straight and make some Member-only advantages Non-Member too (that includes items)
3. An adventure where Zios and Mira appear

I'm sure there are plenty more that I missed. Oh well. :P

Here's one last thing I'd like to type about....

Rarely, you will see Jammers with the beginning name "Rosey". A couple years ago, like in 2011 and maybe 2012 or 2010, you could name an animal Rosey. AJHQ made a spelling error, and once they figured out they did (like a year later, LOL), they removed it from the game. Some people still have their animal named Rosey, and it's pretty neat.

Before I go, I'd like you to be warned:

These three fancy little squirts are obvious suspects of a hacker roaming through Jamaa. Apology was on once and I've seen him hanging out at Epic's den with a few necklaces on his trade list. Take a look at their achievements as well. If a person has a cream beard and a Founder's Hat with only the easiest achievements possible, I bet you they hack. It's not hard to tell.

So beware....



  1. there all wearing a gold thing.... creepy o3o
    anyway i really agree on the nm thing.. finally aj releases an all jammer item o3o
    lol, bye!

  2. Erg, my nose is stuffy too.

  3. O.O
    I stay away from those people... O_O

  4. As I said I am going to interview King

  5. I want an animal named Rosey! XD
    And King, Epic and Apology sound very suspicious. If they don't even have, like, the 10 Gifts Sent achievement, who are they? O.O

  6. When I was newer the AJ I once had an animal named Rosey. I made animals look like things in nature, like a rose, tree, worm (jk), etc. Then when they changed it I didn't notice until I read this.


  7. I used to have an animal named Rosey but I deleted it after they changed it from Rosey to Rosy.


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