Monday, December 23, 2013

On A Little

Up until Christmas morning I might get on AJ for an hour or two. ^.^


  1. ...

  2. .-.
    Guess what I got on the 23rd of December on AJ?
    Well, I got scammed by snowball3919. I lost my Rare Lion Plushie (black) and my Fly Trap. Oh well. I'm contacting the Head Quarters. I hope snowball3919 gets for Xmas an e-mail from AJHQ saying she is banned.


    Really Im not sad. I just miss my Fly Trap a bit...

    1. I am super sorry to hear that! Would you like my flytrap? ;)

    2. :O
      Snowball is going down! >:U I'm so sorry to hear that...!

    3. Thanks for le support, but really, it's OK ^-^
      I will see if I have a Fly Trap in one of my 20-30 AJ accounts that I made for storage and have absolutely no use at all.



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