Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sledding Lights

Hello Jammers! Today's returning item is a favorite of mine-the Jamaaliday lights! Whee!

A very loved item for all Jammers at a cheap price? I'll take it anytime! ^.^

When you log in today only, you will receive.....


It says....nothing. But it's quite clear it's a sled for pets, because when you place it in a den, it's tiny.

Nice idea!

Here are some photos of snowfall that occurred a few weeks ago...

(Dog print.)

(Giant polar bear sculpture I made!)

(The leaves that fell off our tree look like bananas. Why not take a picture? :P)

(Giant snowball.)

(Another photo of the polar bear.)

I hear it's gonna snow soon where I am. Yay!

Oh, and don't forget to send stuff for mailtime (to animalclip)  IF YOU WANT TO. :)



  1. XD Those leaves are Willow Tree Leaves, right? My family has some on our property that are over 200 years old! Amazing, huh? :P Btw, I love your new blog!


  2. It went blank for me too, but I thought it was just my computer! I sent Animalclip a item for Mailtime as well :)

    ---> Wolfgirlgo <---

    (P.S. I love the Snowbear! :D)

  3. Is animalclip your second account?

    1. Sort of. My friend lets me borrow her account, but she hasn't quit. I guess it's a half account. That doesn't make much sense... :3

  4. O.O
    The leaves do look like bananas! XD
    Oh, and BTW...
    The sled thing, in the inventory, is called whatever you clicked before you clicked it. It's a really glitchy item! And on someone's trade list, it's a bunch of numbers and letters. :3

  5. lucky u get snow!! It hasnt snowed here in CA since 1977! I wish it snowed i hav been in a snowy place once -Yosemite for a school trip ^_^ but ya, n NICE sculpture!!!!!!!!! :D lol the leaves :P
    ~QTAngel <3

  6. Wow! Nice polar bear sculpture you made! And the leaves? xD Spectacular, haha :3!



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