Friday, December 20, 2013

Tons of Items

Hello Jammers! Today we have quite a two returning items and a new item (from yesterday which I missed):

Aww, the beloved reindeer poop! Hey, everyone does it. XP

Yes, this jolly underwater necklace DOES light up!

Last but not least we have a Candy Stocking. I remember the old stockings for last year, did they ever return? Or is this a completely different stocking? o_o

Today's gift is the classical Cookie Table. It makes you want to eat it right through the screen! You'd also taste pixels....I wonder if they have a flavor!

I absolutely am DYING to get a NEW gift! >.<

I have nothing else to type about, so to end the post here is a clever photo...

Er, yeah. 

The winner of the raffle will be announced later. Off with ya!


  1. -he tastes funny- - no you taste funny- mwhah :3

  2. Oh drat. I forgot to enter! :( Anyway, The Stocking and the Jamaaliday bows arrived yesterday actually. XD


  3. O.O
    The poor wolf...! XD



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