Monday, December 30, 2013

Rare Butterfly Wings

Hi Jammers! Yesterday I cut my fingers on the lid of a can, and they sting. >.< So now I have 8 fingers to work with, really, so sorry if I make typos when I'm chatting with you on AJ.

Eww, the blood--not a fun sight. Anyway....


13 JAGS!?

Mainly buddy requests. ^.^

I accepted all of them. :P

Okay, so today's Rare Item Monday, and this week we have some fluttery Rare Butterfly Wings. (Lol, I'm typing this all with my third finger.)


When Will My Life Begin Reprise 2

I could go running
And racing
And dancing
And leaping
And bounding
Hair flying
And splashing
And reeling
And finally feeling

That's when my life begins!

Totally random right there. I just had to put that out. :3

The New Year's Party 2014 has been released with new items and old items from the past year, also including a big snow fort and treats. 

Today I will be updating the blog for a spectacular January 2014 look!

Last but not least a video.

Off to doing the blog now, adios!


  1. I ABSOLUTLEY POSITIVLEY LOVE TODAY'S RARE!!! (Even though I haven't seen it yet. :P) I love the colors, it's cheapness, and it's nonmemberness. :P

  2. Hi Nafaria!
    I have some things to say:
    1. I love the colors and the NM-ness of the rare
    2. Don't we already have rare butterfly wings?
    3. I unfortunately can't seem to see the video :(
    4. Do you know Kiki51772 ?
    5. You had enough buddy slots to accept all of the buddy requests?!
    How?! Whenever I want to add someone I have to delete someone else!!!

    - the great, and only, tiger loving, RASCALCAT !!!!!!

    1. Oh yah
      6. I love the new blog font

    2. Here are the answers to your questions and comments:

      1. Yes! NM-NESS!
      2. We had Rare Faerie Wings, but not Rare Butterfly Wings.
      3. That's too bad. :(
      4. Not a clue!
      5. Before I had a blog I used to have only 20 buddies. Now I have close to 80!


    3. Kili51772 is the girl who signs her comments "Kiki peace love spiders" on snowyclaw's blog.
      - rascalcat

  3. Also,
    6. Shoot I forgot what I was going to say

  4. I LOVE the colors of the wings and am happy its a nonmember one and not like 700 gems! cuz i am broke :P I bought 4 of them and am broke again lol! 21 gems left :P but its worth the rare (: Time to go adventuring some more for gems! haha also, anyone have suggestions for fastest way to get gems?
    ~QTAngel <3

  5. Rascalcat who is not signed in because she cannot remember her pass and is on her phoneJanuary 1, 2014 at 10:00 AM

    Recycling, playing best dressed, going on adventures, doing the adventure tutorial if ur good at it
    - rascalcat


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