Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reindeer Gems

Deck zee Halls, Jammers!

Hehe, hi. :P

You might wanna take a little look at Jam Mart Clothing, because now they are carrying epic Reindeer Masks!

This item was a beloved one from last year as well. They do look kind of weird on animals, but on bunnies I think they look great!

Today's gift is 700 gems. No picture. Ah, well, gems are gems!

I know you guys wanted to see some pictures of my AJ Jump thingy. I only got two because I forgot to do it earlier and it was late at night. Soooo....

This is my kangaroo!

This is me playing the game with my left hand.

I was too tired to snap anymore photos, and my hand started to hurt, since I'm right-handed.

Here's a little mystery to leave you hanging:

I'll give you hints on Monday.


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  1. Nafaria tomorrow can u give me a shout-out for the wings and jester hat glitch?


    1. I will on Monday. :) I did post it on the glitch tab though :)

  2. I made quite a few screenshots of my kangaroo. Mostly with the camera icon ^o^

    PS I called my kangaroo Springflowers, it's what in french we call a "jeu de mots". 'Coz like kangaroos jump, and there are springs in the game, and I mostly use the leaf pattern for my kangaroo, so... Springflower! :D

  3. I know! It's a deer dressed in a bonnet sitting on a table!
    Hardy har.

  4. I really want the Jump app but it costs $2.99
    I'm also right-handed, isn't it soooo hard to use the other hand??
    :) I like your blog!
    ~dolphin31~ (from The Animal Jam Fan)


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