Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snowmans, Elves, and Mailtime

O.O I was looking at some blogs earlier, and I wondered why they didn't post for today. Well, now I know, because it's almost 1:00 am were I am now! O.O

*6 hours later*

Oh, phew. Now it's 6:42 am.

Oh, well. Rise and shine! Today's new item is a Snowman Mask (I think).

Snowmen are so fun to build!

And today's bonus gift is a *gasp*

Pair of Elf Shoes!


Now, what you've all bee waiting for:


Hehe, do any of you have younger siblings who watch Blues Clues?



Okay, so here's how it's gonna go!

  • You will send in your JAGS (or gifts) to the account animalclip. I know animalclip in real life, and she has given me permission to use her account. (Don't worry, if you accidentally send me the gifts through nafaria9, they will be filmed too!)
  • I will be filming it on Saturday, December 6th.
This is an OPTIONAL thing. I've done it before and people have said they wanted a 2nd mailtime, so here it is.

Alright Jammers!



  1. The Elf Shoes are so adorable X3

    Le Sweg Queeeeeeeeeeen

    Sweg <3

  2. I jsut notcied that woth this item, NMs will have 8 leg items to wear (if I did not miss anything...!)!

    Swegger Jegger :)

  3. ugh... i'm so mad a my puppy right now. he ate my entire gingerbread house lawn! and i spent so long on it... oh well.-cyacheer

    1. XD Hungry puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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