Friday, June 30, 2017

Two Free Working AJ Promo Codes 2017 + Email Scam

Hi Jammers! Yes, two other promo codes have been leaked. That makes four this week! o.o Crazy!

The good thing about these promo items is that they're actually pretty good items (in my opinion).

The first code is powerbackpack, and it gives you...

Aww!! Cute!

The second is wildbackpack, and it gives you...

Also adorable! ^.^ I'm not too sure how these codes got leaked, but if they come from some kind of AJ backpack line, that would be super cool.

One more item of business today - AJHQ recently made a statement on a viral email scam going around.

Basically, a fake email is being sent out to Jammers who have given their email addresses to the public. The fake email says that a password change has been requested for your account, and asks for your parent dashboard email, your current password, and your updated password. You can easily spot a fake AJ support email from a real one by looking at the helpful tips included above.

Thanks for reading! Jam on and stay safe out there.


  1. Cool backpacks. And seriously, now people are trying to get kids passwords to get an account for pixels. -akmlynx

  2. Those backpacks are su cute, I just randomly had them on trade, I was in an empty server, and got offered a green gecko o.o

    1. Whoa. I guess some people haven't heard the news yet!


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