Wednesday, June 28, 2017

AJW Summer Fashion Show 2017 Day #2: ONE ELIMINATION

Hi guys! Today is round two of the voting session for the AJW Summer Fashion Show 2017. ^.^ Yesterday, Baron Majorjammer was voted out. Sorry, Baron! You did great though!

Today, do the same thing you did yesterday. Vote out one person, please! Good luck everybody!


  1. I vote out.. Blossom sunny violet, sorry D: It was seriously so hard to choose O.O I still say mine is too Fall-ish, surprised nobody has voted me out XD

  2. Nooo! I'm out, cri. I vote out miss cleverspike

  3. I vote out King arcticwolf, the outfit is just to... common

  4. I vote out The coyote in the end.
    How come it doesn't have a name?

  5. Daredevil Berryflower. So sorry!

  6. Little ArcticChamp. Sorry! Your outfit was still Gucci thou!!!

  7. I vote out King Arcticwolf, Sorry! D:



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