Sunday, June 25, 2017

AJW Summer Giveaway #7

Hi guys! Today is the final giveaway of the AJW Summer Carnival Daily Giveaways 2017. It's sad for these fun giveaways to come to an end, but it's been a blast!

Yesterday's winner was krislynnb. The randomly chosen winning number was 67, and her entry number was 67. Spot on! Also, the answer to yesterday's question was the spirit glove.

Today, I am giving away...

You never saw it coming. ;P

Comment the answer to the question below, a number between 1-100, and your username and status. Good luck!


  1. Your blog used to be about Webkinz, and your fav character was Nafaria, an evil fairy. And 9 was the age you made your Animal Jam account. #33 Rosydaisy30603, member.

  2. User:Krislynnb
    Answer:You were nine when you started webkins?? (just a guess)

  3. Answer-Your favourite character in webkinz was Nafaria, and you were 9 when you created your account


  4. Hi, Nafaria9!
    First I'm going to answer the question: I'm pretty sure Nafaria is a evil fairy in the game called Webkinz? I think? ( I don't know what the nine in you're username is! XD)
    The number between 1-100... Um... I'll just say 34?
    My username is Iluvsnowdrop, and I'm a member.
    ~ Iluvsnowdrop

  5. Akmlynx
    Nafaria is a character/animal on Webkinz and 9 was how old you were when you creates the account.

  6. 9 was your age and uhm.. Nafaria means.................. uhm Nafaria was a person? I have no idea tbh XD


  8. Stalking old posts does come in useful.
    This blog used to be the webkinz whip, and your favourite character was nafaria, the evil fairy. 9 is the age you were when you created your animal jam account.
    My username is Henrythegreat4
    Number: 44

  9. Hi naffy, this may sound kinda stoopid, but do you have a black long I can quickly offer for?
    I need it to get my friends green tiki, an item I desperately want for a tribal look.
    Also, did you enter my lemur into the fashion show?

  10. lol so I already sent my answer but it didnt work so I try again

    Welp, I think the "nafaria" part is from webkinz, you liked it a lot, and I guess the 9 was how old you were when you started webkinz or animal jam? idk so just guessing lol

    hmmm, lets go with 72

  11. Nafaria was the name of some sort of evil fairy in Webkinz, and the number 9 was how old you were when you made the account. (Playing just for fun)


  12. Nafaria was your favorite character in Webkinz. You were 9 when you created your Animal Jam account.
    My username is Transions.
    My status is member.
    My number is 83.
    Oh by the way, thank you so much for putting my blog on your list. I really look up to you so I was absolutely thrilled!

  13. Okay, honestly I have NO idea what the answer is XD Except for that most likely you were 9 when you started AJ XDD


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