Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jamaa Journal: Spike Sale, VidCon Items, and More

Hi Jammers! The update has finally arrived! Yay! ^.^ Let's see what this update has to offer, shall we?

Wait... WHAT!?

I can't believe my eyes...


Yep, that's right. For this weekend only, you have the opportunity to purchase some brand-new spiked collars and wristbands from the Diamond Shop.

I don't mean to complain or anything but, isn't this getting a bit old? C'mon, AJHQ, you can do better than this!

At least some people are enjoying it, especially those who are NM, because now non-members finally can wear spiked collars and wristbands to a certain extent. It is kind of sad, however, that the spikes labeled ''worn'' are the only ones for all Jammers. >.<

(P.S. that spiked spiked collar looks really, REALLY dangerous. o.o)

Take a look at this next page. You'd think that this new 1,000 pets addition would be members-only, but PSYCHE! AJHQ has given ALL JAMMERS 1,000 pets! I think this is quite nice, but shouldn't AJHQ give non-members more pet options if they're going to give everyone 1,000 pet slots?

The popular Greely's Hideout den is back in the Diamond Shop for seven diamonds.

A new pet has been added to the list of pets that you can retrieve from purchasing an egg! I wonder what it could be... any guesses?

Whoa... a new party!? This actually seems super cool. Unfortunately, the next Call of the Alphas party is five hours away from the time I'm making this post, so hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some more information on it later on.

The Battle for the Beacon adventure is now available for all Jammers to play!

Arctic foxes will soon be leaving Jamaa, but pandas are on their way home!

A bunch of new Sketch Jam videos have been released, as well as some epic new masterpiece frames.

The first two Animal Jam Comic Books are officially available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble! :)

Also, the Freedom Party is back, just in time for Freedom Day on July 4th. You might have noticed the red, white, and blue decorations all around Jamaa already. :P Check out these snazzy items from the party!

Lastly, we can't forget the part of today's update that was featured in the sneak peek yesterday!

Team Mira and Team Zios items!! THE PLUSHIES ARE SO CUTE!!! AAAHHH!!!

Well, that pretty much sums up today's update. More posts regarding the new party and other small items of business to come in the next several days.

What would you rate today's update out of five stars?


  1. AJHQ keep on milking that spiked cash cow.
    I feel like alpha staffs will be in the call of the alphas, they we're tested a couple of years back, and everything's tested for a reason
    The thing I was most looking forward to was the freedom party.
    I literally screamed at how awesome the Mira and Zios items were

    1. That would be awesome. If those staffs are in the party, I will be so happy!

  2. It wont let me buy the egg pet D: Anyone else having this problem?

  3. Wait Theresa type of spike that everyone can wear?:O

  4. More spike sales? Really? The pink and blue one look pretty much like two spikes stacked together, I'm very sure they could have done a better job with that............... :|


  5. The Call of the Alphas JUST GOT DELAYED TO 3HOURS!
    I waited so long and at the last 10 min they changed the time :(

  6. I love the team plushies, they're so cute :) Also, I wanna know what the new pet in the egg is so bad!

    1. The team plushies are probably my favorite part! :P

  7. Ah it's that magical time of the week again. The Wandering Wanderer's Opinion on this Week's Update that AJHQ Probably Did Something We Don't wanna:

    1. Eh I don't really like spikes but at least that gives people a chance to get em.
    2. Yassss #nonmembersquadgoals phase one complete
    3. Cool I've always like that den
    4. Ooh a new :wastes all diamonds on eggs:
    5. Cool I'll have to go check out that party.
    6. Refer to number 2
    7. O.o creepy pandas are returning
    8. Eh
    9. Eh
    10. I loaf the snazzy items
    11. That's​ it, I'm wasting all my gems to get every item for the teams.

    1. Appreciate not wanna. :P

    2. Hehe, I always enjoy reading your update reviews. :P

    3. Aww thanks Naffy ^.^

  8. Ok let's see what my thoughts on this update are.

    1. Hooray another spike sale.... Wait! Have I gone blind?! FINALLY! IS IT MY TURN, IS IT MY TIME TO LEAP FROM THE BACKGROUND AND WEAR A SPIIIIIIIKE! Although this was predictable and the colors are a little weird on some of them, I think they still look cool. I hope I can get enough diamonds for the nm spike.

    2. Guess who's gonna end up with 1,000 hamsters in her futur? Me!

    3. Although Greely is probably my least favorite alpha, I really likd the den, and now fans can buy it if they get membership or more diamonds. (i'm pretty sure my intrest in volcanoes started when I saw the tv series "h2o just add water")

    4. Cool! I wonder what it is?

    5. Awesome! I might check it out.

    6. I might try that adventure if it's still there when I get a less laggy computer. (I'll probably rage if I try it on my current one LOL)

    7. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In case you can't tell, I <3 pandas.

    8. Cool!

    9. I really hope I can get them.

    10. I'll probably get that stuff, they look really nice for the 4th of July.


    I overall don't really think there's anything is dissapointing about this update, other than the facf that the spike sale was kinda predictable. So I give this update 9/10. Nice job AJ


    1. The Mira and Zios plushies were probably my favorite part of the entire update, hehehe.


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