Sunday, June 18, 2017

Introducing the Animal Jam Whip Summer Carnival

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animals of all species and ages... I bring you the Animal Jam Whip Summer Carnival!

Welcome one, welcome all! This week-long celebration is one that you will remember for years to come!

Starting today through the 26th of June, you can expect to see lots of summer-themed posts, such as summer den tips and summer outfit ideas.

But that's not all! There will also be a SUMMER FASHION SHOW, commemorating 925K views and the fifth anniversary/birthday of the Animal Jam Whip blog. The contest is currently open for entries from now until June 26th. The voting process will take place on the 27th!

Of course we can't forget the annual AJW birthday party! Here is the party invitation...

And finally, I will be hosting DAILY TRIVIA GIVEAWAYS! Basically, every single day after the daily post, I will host a giveaway where you must answer an Animal Jam or AJW related question. To enter, comment your username, status, a number between 1 and 100, and your answer. If your answer is correct, then your entry will count towards the giveaway! There will be seven giveaways total (starting tomorrow), so best of luck to all of you!

I can't wait for the AJW Summer Carnival to begin! Nothing quite like this has ever been seen before on the Animal Jam Whip, so if you enjoy it and think it should continue as a tradition, let me know!

As always...

That's the whip!

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  1. Yay Happy fifth anniversary! Ooh cool contests. :) -akmlynx ^.^

  2. WOW. This sounds super fun!! I can't wait!!!!!!

  3. Oooooo! This sounds awesome! I love all these events! ^.^

    Great idea, Naf!

  4. This sounds cool! I hope i'll be able to make it to the party! :D

  5. Go on naffy, set that AJ whip summer carnival banner as the blog banner. I know you want to...

    Ima start a design for the fashion show, and I've recently been stalking the whip a lot, so I think I'll be good at the trivia

  6. I ate too much pizza at my birthday party. :(

    1. How many slices of pizza did you eat?

    2. 3. and 2 slices of cake. And 100 cookies/chips/popcorn/lemonade/orange juice.

  7. OOOO! :D I can't wait :D This is a really unique and awesome idea Naffy! :D

  8. Also I might be able to make it to the party :D


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