Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rare Item Monday Mini Rant

Alright, I'll be honest here.

I'm not one to complain in my posts. I like to keep my blog the most positive, entertaining, and enjoyable environment that it can possibly be so that everybody gets a good experience out of it.

But this, my friends, has just struck me to the point that I need to speak my opinion. I can no longer keep these feelings bottled up inside of me.

*sighs heavily*

Yesterday's RIM.

Yesterday's RIM was a rare graduation cap, sold in Jam Mart Clothing for a high price of 1,450 gems. Compared to the other RIM's we've been getting lately, this is fairly cheap.

However, the cost of the item is not what bugs me. It's the fact that, instead of being a recolored version of an already existing item with the typical vibrant purple, green, yellow, pink, and blue colors, the colors of the RIM are LITERALLY JUST SWAPPED FROM THE ORIGINAL ITEM.

See what I mean now?

The fact that AJHQ took an item, swapped the colors around, and resold it for even more gems than its original worth just shocks and appalls me.

Don't get me wrong. AJHQ is full of amazing, talented, hardworking people who do their best every single day to upkeep Jamaa and provide every Jammer with a wonderful experience playing their game, but this is simply outrageous.

I would honestly rather have a completely recolored version of an item that is already in the game than this. This... this is just pure laziness.

Come on, AJHQ.

You can do better than that.


  1. Exactly the same with the rare butterfly hair clip

  2. I agree. I mean, a lot of these "RIMs" are not even really"rare"! All these rares are just recolored items that will "never" pop up again. AJHQ can do a much better job with that. If they are getting annoyed with making rares, make it once every month or season or whatever, all I'd like to see is a job well done with a rare, that is never in stores or will be, and probably non members too. Sorry, there's my two cents....

    A very annoyed sugarcat2

    P.S You did a very good job with the rant :D AJHQ needs to see this..... (er, maybe, if AJHQ doesn't go crazy)

  3. Wow AJHQ O.O
    That really surprises me..... They kinda did that with the butterfly bow too, but sense it is a really popular out of stores item, i didn't care one bit about that XDDD
    (I just saw an add for a fidget spinner game, STOP WITH THE FIDGET SPINNERS PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)
    I didn't notice that it was just a switch of colors, but I noticed it was veeeeer yclose to the orignal

    1. Yeah, lately the RIMS haven't been that great. D:

  4. I forgot to buy the rim. Oh well, it probably wasn't worth it anyway. And TODAY WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE THESE PEOPLE FROM MY SCHOOL WON THE GRAND PRIZE TO THIS THINGY https://www.multivu.com/players/English/8115251-lockheed-martin-generation-beyond-video-challenge/

  5. Yup, totally agree with this! :O

  6. i agreeAJ Has been very,well....Its just because they are losing there creativity

    1. Yeah, but hopefully soon they'll get back on their feet.


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