Saturday, June 10, 2017

Animal Jam World Oceans Day Update

Hi Jammers! Yep, I'm back from my vacation. It was fun and all, but I am happy to return to blogging. :)

On Thursday, there was an update, and I would like to take the time to review that update with you today. Ready? Let's begin!

On the first page, we have an announcement about another Wild Weekend sale! This time around, we have four brand new tails available in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds each, only here for the weekend!

I actually really like these tails! ^.^

World Oceans Day is coming up soon, so in honor of that, AJHQ has provided us with reutrning dolphins, a new underwater den, underwater pet, and lots of facts about oceans scattered around Jamaa!

Like I said before, dolphins are back! Hooray! Just in time for World Oceans Day. :)

Here is the all-new underwater den - a sandcastle! It's nice to finally have another underwater den. Hopefully with all of these underwater additions, people will start to visit the oceans a little bit more.

Pet dolphins are here, and they are super cute!

Like most pets, they're available in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds.

Make Music Day is also coming up on June 21st, so that means we will start to see some cool music-themed items for sale pretty soon.

The final page is just about pixel painting. Speaking of pixel painting, do you guys like my creeper masterpiece I made about a week ago?

I took me a lot longer than expected. o.o

Anyways, that's all for now! Bye!


  1. I still feel full from eating too much coffee cake and fruit tarts yesterday...


    Wow! That masterpiece is AWESOME naffy!

  3. The pet Dolphins are so cute!!! And that masterpiece is amazing!! Lol, I just happen to be a minecraft fan too....... :P


  4. Have you received my gift for you yet? It seems strange. Giving you a gift on my bday. :D

    1. Yeah, I have! And I love it! :D I still need to give you your own birthday gift... hmm...

  5. The Wandering Wanderer's Opinion on this weeks update that AJHQ Probably Did Something We Don't Appreciate:
    1. I thought we needed more tail items so I'm happy.
    2. I've been waiting for the dolphins so I could make a narwhal.
    3. Cool den but I don't have any ocean den items or gems :P
    4. The pet dolphins are adorable <3
    5. Personally I don't care for pixel paintings but I know alot of people do.
    7/10 because it was a cool update but there wasn't much for land.
    Happy to know you're back Naffy! Cool painting.

  6. I found this update a little pointless as I don't really go underwater. However, I do like the new tails (except the dragon one) and the pet dolphins are adorable.

    Nice art!
    I am OBSESSED with the pixel painting feature!


    1. Yeah, the tails and pet dolphins are pretty cool.

  7. How I draw pixel art: swirls on a shifty background
    How everyone else does it: an actual drawing

  8. Replies
    1. I think they're only available for one more day... right?


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