Monday, June 19, 2017

AJW Summer Carnival Giveaway #1

Hello Jammers! ^.^ Welcome to the first daily giveaway of the Animal Jam Whip Summer Carnival! All you need to do is comment your answer to the question on the image below, as well as your username, status, and a number between 1-100.

If your answer is correct, you automatically are entered into the giveaway for a chance to win the prize below!

The prizes will gradually get better over time, so keep on entering every single day! Good luck, Jammers!


  1. Username: Clara88
    Number: 37
    Status: Member
    Answer: I'm pretty sure it was Mira's tears, sadness and anger.

  2. Answer: Mira's tears, pollution, and the elements of Jamaa
    User: lostfairy
    Status: member
    Number: 27

  3. Mira's feelings of sadness and anger and the elements of Jamaa. My username is Transions, I'm not sure what you mean by status ( member?), and my number is 17

  4. sadness, anger, and elements of Jamaa. #22. -Rosydaisy30603. obviously a member.

  5. AAHHHH I feel so stupid I don't know the answer to the question.

  6. I'm an animal jam nerd! I'll do well.
    The phantoms are made of Mira's tears, and her pain in the world. They're to signify the growing grief and rubble in humanity today, and how, If we don't take control, the earth will destroy itself, and we'all relocate, to what we believe is a utopia, that hides darker secrets.

  7. Oops, I didn't enter a number...
    I choose 50 (playin' tactical)

  8. Mira's tears, dark portals, and uhm. I have no idea what the 3rd one is o.o I have only heard of the 2 XD

  9. I don't know the answer worth a try though
    Answer: Mira's tears, Sadness, anger and darkness
    Username: Nafaria8
    Status: Non Member
    Number: 13

  10. Akmlynx
    Mira's sadness, anger, and elements formed the phantom.


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