Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Loveminecraft1024's Tag

Hey guys! A good friend of mine named loveminecraft1024 recently emailed me a cool tag that she would like me to do! Without further ado, let's begin!

1. Do you have any siblings?
Yep! I'm the oldest, and I have a younger brother and sister.

2. What is your favorite thing to outdoors?
I like to go camping and see wild animals.

3. What is your least favorite thing to do?
Lots of things that I can't specify at the moment. :P

4. What is your favorite plushie?
My black stuffed dog. <3

5. Do you have any pets?
No, but my aunt has two dogs.

6. What is your favorite and least favorite songs?
I have way too many favorite songs to count, but some of my least favorite songs are One Call Away by Charlie Puth and Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Don't kill me! >.<

7. Who's your favorite singer?
I like lots of people! U2, Twenty One Pilots, Lana Del Rey, Coldplay, OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons

8. What's your favorite emoji? (In aj OR phone ones)
Hmm... I use the laughing face a lot, but I also really like all of the animal emojis and the facial expressions (for phone).

9. What's your pet peeve?
I don't like it when people don't clean up after themselves, chew loudly, have bad breath, etc.

10. Where is your favorite place to go?
I love to visit Yellowstone and Disneyland, although I don't go there very often at all.

I tag anyone who wants to answer these questions for themselves!

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic day!


  1. 1. I am the oldest as well and have 3 younger brothers
    2. I love to go camping and fishing
    3. Clean my room!
    4. A little stuffed beanie babies near
    5. I have 2 birds, a hamster and a fish in my room. Then we have a cat and a giant fish tank in the living room
    6. Favorite song: Sleeping Powder by Gorillaz Least favorite: I have lots of em!
    7. Mainly only like one band: Gorillaz but I do dabble in other musicians work.
    8. Peace sign
    9. When people sneeze right in my face and when people breath really loud on the phone.
    10. I like a lot of places so I don't really know

  2. I didn't know you had a brother :P

    Yellowstone sounds really cool! I don't think I'll ever get to go there though.. XD

    1. Yep, I have a little brother.

      Yellowstone is one of the most amazing places on the planet, in my opinion. If you ever get the chance to go, I beg you to take it! You won't have any regrets.

  3. May I ask how you get your gadgets for your blog? I would also like to customize my own and by the way love how your active every day with new things to say! :D

    1. Sure, and thank you for that lovely compliment! <3

      Basically, you go to the Layout section of the Blogger Dashboard for whatever blog you want to edit, and then click Add a Gadget. A list of gadgets will pop up, and you can choose from any of them! If you're looking for third-party widgets, you can just google them for more instructions (i.e. rainbow links). ^-^

  4. Something big.. What could it be? What? - Goldenpotato999//G.P.999 (Goldenpotato who's too lazy to sign in)

  5. Yay I love tags-
    1. Nope. I have dogs instead XD
    2. Look at trees. No joke.
    3. Sports. Bleh.
    4. I have a few. A very old guinea pig I got when I was , named Harry, my webkinz signature ocelot, Ociee, and my Jellycat chicken, Lady Cluckles.
    5. Two dogs, Scooter and Pepper
    Favourite:Au Revoir by OneRepublic, Atlas by Coldplay, Neptune by Sleeping at last, Solar Power Girl, Love and war, I'll take you back and I can't change the world by Brad Paisley, People back home by Florida Georgia line, Dirt and Gold by Ward Thomas... I have a lot of favourites XD
    I also hate The Fighter by Keith Urban. It plays on the country radio and is high in country charts but it is NOT a country song and is basically obnoxious disco music. I absolutely hate it.
    7. Brad Paisley, Sleeping at Last, Garth Brooks, OneRepublic, Coldplay, Florida Georgia Line, The Shires, Ward Thomas.. Again, lots of favourites
    Fun fact-I only started listening to other music genres that aren't country a few months ago XD
    8. The shocked cat emoji, and in terms of animal jam the triplestar emoticon
    10. In terms of EVER, Disneyland of course. In terms of often, I like to go to my local art store ^-^


  6. 1) I have a twin brother, but I'm younger by a minute, godangit
    2) go up onto the nearby moors and spy on the small seeker deer colony like a creep
    3) taking medicine, having surgery, HAY FEVER
    4) my orangutan in a Christmas jumper. My friend gave me him a year ago when I left my old school, and I love it to bits.
    5) I have 2 goldfish, but I want a fan King Charles spaniel, but allergies are stoooopid
    6) I hate alarm clock music, but I like anything by King Ginger, Ed Sheeran
    7) ^
    8) Definitely the shocked monkey emoji
    9) the constant dog litter in my cousins private field. People jump over the fence, run across it, the climb the stile. It's like, a massive shortcut, but leaving plastic bags of poop is just r00d
    10) I would say my old school, but that'd be wrong, because recently it was evacuated because of unsturdy coal mines underneath. I'd be wrong, because about a week ago, apparently, it just collapsed. Probably my friends house, but he lives hundreds of miles away, so, yea

  7. 1) I have 3 siblings
    2) Swim
    3) Not doing something to occupy me.
    4) My stuffed monkey <3
    5) 2 cats and a fish
    6) Favorite(s) Mr. Blue sky and Hum hallelujah Least: Anything Rap or country
    7) Gorillaz, Fall Out Boy, Beyonce, p!atd, The smashing Pumpkins
    8) iphone: The cactus :)
    9) When people complain that something is hard when they don't even try it.
    10) I love to go to the library and just quietly read. It's just really calming and nice.

    1. Neat answers. :D I had a fish once. His name was Spike, and we forgot to feed him for two weeks because, being the seven-year-old and four-year-old we were, me and my little brother were in charge of taking care of him. Big mistake. >.<

  8. 1. I have 2 younger sisters, 1 older sister, 2 younger brothers and 7 older brothers XD
    2. I love all sorts of out door activities
    3. Uhm a lot of things.. XDD
    4. My stuffed seahorse!
    5. I have 2 cats, Fire and Smokey
    6. I dont have one... XD
    7. Owl City is my main one, I also like Audio Adrenline, and Josh Wilson, and so many more XD
    8. Ninja emote? idk XD
    9. When people have colds when they are reading, I hate it when they go like "And then the *sniff* frog went into the *sniff* I JUST HATE IT XDD
    10. My home XDD

  9. 1. 1 sister, edwingrim2
    2. Ski
    3. Getting Shots
    4. My stuffed dog
    5. 2dogs and 1 guinea pig
    6. Favorite: jet pack blues least favorite: sweatshirt
    7. Fall Out Boy
    8. Smiley Face
    9. When people trigger my Tryphophobia
    10. Disney World and Disney Land

    1. EDWING!! :o Hello! It's so nice to see you/hear from you again! :D

  10. 1. Do you have any siblings?
    I have 1 little sister that is 2 years younger than me
    2. What is your favorite thing to outdoors?
    3. What is your least favorite thing to do?
    Sleeping and writing XD
    4. What is your favorite plushie?
    IDK & IDC
    5. Do you have any pets?
    6. What is your favorite and least favorite song
    Born in The USA by Bruce Springsteen, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson,Eye of the Tiger by The Survivors, Hotline Bling by Drake , Shape of you by Ed Shereran, Issues by Julia Micheals , etc. i have no least favorites
    7. Who's your favorite singer?
    Michael Jackson and Abel Theysfaye AKA The Weekend ( we are both Ethiopian and have the same first name)
    8. What's your favorite emoji? (In aj OR phone ones)
    It's for chrome keyboard but it is
    9. What's your pet peeve?
    metal rubbing against something else
    10. Where is your favorite place to go?
    Any kind of fast food resturant

    1. That's pretty cool! I didn't know Abel was Ethiopian, nonetheless you! :D

    2. My country doesn't get a lot of credit for things in fact you probably didn't know our country has the 12th most people

  11. 1. Nope. I am ze only child.
    2. Swim, camp, and archery.
    3. Dance
    4. The yellow panda with glasses.
    5. Yes, an Australian Shepherd named Auzzie.
    6. I have many favorites but here are a few: Sound of Silence, Paint It Black, Issues, I Hate You I Love you, etc.
    And I don't like 24KT Magic, That's What I Like, etc.
    7. Twenty One Pilots, The Chainsmokers, Lynard Skynard, etc.
    8. The animated glasses emoji.
    9. When people say libary instead of library.
    10. Hmm... Galveston, Ohio, and tons of other places.

    1. Aww, I bet your Australian Shepard is super cute.

    2. She's cute in what I call a hybrid/ mutant kind of way. :P she has shorter hair than normal auzzies but has the colors of one. :D -akmlynx

  12. 1. I am the oldest, and my sister is going into kindergarten.

    2. Anything that involves cold weather and or soccer. Im not much of a warm weather person, but I LOVE soccer!

    3. Basically anything that is new to me. I hate trying new things. I know, its kindof bad, but yeah.

    4. I like the horse with the strawberry on it.

    5. I used to have three cats. Bubbles, JJ and BroHam. Now I only have BroHam, since the others got ran over. :(

    6. I have so many favorites. Starting, "I'm the one" by Justin Beiber. "Despacito" by Justin Beiber. "Attention" By Charlie Puth. "Stay" by Alessia Cara ft Zedd. "Theres nothing holdin me back" by Shawn Mendez. "It aint me" by Selena Gomez. THats my favorites, and me all time least favorite is "Swalla" by Nikki Minaj

    7. I love Taylor swift, Allessia Cara [cause of her positive, bad word free music that is inspiring to all] And JUstin Beiber, Bruno Mars, Jake paul and Logan paul. Thats all.

    8. I love the monkey emojis and the croissant emoji [phone]

    9. I hate when people arent neat and dont clean the microwave. Also when people talk loudly, interrupt, and smack their lips. Basically, anything 1% annoying, will get me annoyed. I get triggered EASILY.

    10. I love to go to Myrtle Beach in South and North Carolina. I would love to visit Lake Mcdonald in Montana. As I love rocks. The rocks in this lake are colored by nature and the water is super clear. I heard you can see down of up to 30 feet. I also want to go to a reef. I love aquatic life.

    1. I also find it annoying when people aren't neat and speak loudly and obnoxiously. >.< We have a few pet peeves in common!

  13. Yay! A Tag!

    1. I have three younger siblings.
    2. Horse Riding!!! Although I'm on break, since I don't own a horse and my riding teacher is going on holiday.....
    3. Pretty much anything I find awkward.
    4. My stuffed dog.
    5. 4 Chickens and 4 Fish, that makes, erm, 8...........
    6. Don't exactly have a favourite or least favourite song.....
    7. No idea.
    8. XD
    9. When people say that horses are stupid, and that all you do is just "sit there". Believe me, once you have your first ride on a horse (Not a 5 minute pony ride), you are going to feel really sore the next day.
    10. Maybe something to do with animals. Otherwise, whisk me to the library any day, as long as I'm not hanging around horses. XD


    1. I didn't know you liked horses so much! That's awesome! :D

    2. Hehe, really obsessed with horses, although I'm still very new to the horse world. I only got more involved with horses 2 years ago, and only started lessons last year. It's a bit lonely though, when you're the only horse crazy person in school and rally......


  14. 1. I have 3 sibs.
    2. Swimming in the pool.
    3. Chores.
    4. My stuffed dog, Doggylips.
    5.I have a frog. LOL!
    6. Stay. Least fave is Let it Go.
    7. Allesia Cara and Hailee Steinfeld.
    9. People who swear and pronounce things wrong.
    10. The pool or my mimi's house.


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