Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3 Summer Den Tips/Ideas

Hi guys! I hope you all liked yesterday's summer outfits! Today, I present you with three epic den ideas, just in time for summer! Enjoy!

Outdoor Produce Market

What You Need:
Storefront Display
Produce Display
Vegetable Baskets/Fruit Baskets
Cash Register
Tiny Shelves

Arrange the displays, shelves, and produce baskets however you would like, and then place the cash register on top of the tiny shelves. Everyone is going to love your new outdoor marketplace!

Cozy Campfire Area

What You Need:
Fire Pit
Crocus Flowers (any small plants will do)

Place the fire pit in the middle of evenly separated mats or pillows, with some small, summery plants surrounding the area. 

Summer Car Wash

What You Need:
Red Sports Car
Red Painted Pot
Mop and Bucket
Bird Poop

Place the bird poop on the window of the car, and set the rest of the materials off to the side.


  1. :looks at clock, reads 1:14am. I'mma go to the AJ Whip: But anyways :P Those are really cool tutorials. -akmlynx ^.^

  2. I acually like the market one a lot.


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