Monday, June 12, 2017

The Most Expensive RIM EVER?

Hey Jammers! Yep, I'm back again for another post. It just occurred to me that today's RIM, a Rare Diamond Necklace, is quite possibly the most expensive RIM (to cost gems) ever.

That's right. The item is sold in Epic Wonders for 5,000 gems. Crazy, right?

Leave your opinions in the comment section. Is this costly accessory worth the price?


  1. nope. Even the colors are kinda bleh and meh. Anyway, that's (not) the whip!

    1. Yeah, the color combination could have been better.

  2. Lord Honey that's expensive. (Let me know if you get the Lord Honey reference. Hint: Food Network Star) but seriously I can't afford that because I have like 17 gems. :P -akmlynx

    1. LORD VOLDEMORT Oh no a taboo *Voldemort comes and steals Henrythegreat and Kraft. But then Naffy comes and saves them while I pelt Voldemort with golden potatoes. Then Voldy shoots avada kedavra at me. I throw the potato at the laser spell he put and Voldy gets blasted to bits. Yay. Like my story? :P

    2. Correct Naffy! Showers with thousands of cookies! ^.^ -akmlynx

  3. Wow, that's expensive................. 0-0 Your going a bit too far AJHQ........



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