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Animal Jam Encyclopedia

Achievement: a badge you receive when you accomplish a certain task or goal in Jamaa
Adventure: a series of challenges that is often followed along a unique storyline
Adventure Base Camp: an area where you can access adventures
AJ: an short acronym for Animal Jam
AJ Academy: a side blog to the Daily Explorer with crafts, activities, and science experiments
AJHQ: an acronym that stands for Animal Jam Headquarters
AJ Jump: an Animal Jam app for mobile devices that is similar to the minigame Sky High
AJMV: an acronym that stands for Animal Jam Music Video
AJ Outfitters: an online shop that sells Animal Jam merchandise
Alpha: a group of special animals chosen by Zios and Mira—the guardian spirits of Jamaa—to be heroes and champions of Jamaa
Amelia: the fox Alpha
Andy: the llama Alpha
Animal Jam: a safe and educational online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors
Animal Jam Blog: a blog or website containing information about Animal Jam
Animal Jam Fanfiction: a fictional story written by an inspired fan about or relating to Animal Jam
Animal Jam Wiki: a wiki about Animal Jam
Animal Jam YouTuber: a YouTuber whose content is mostly about or related to Animal Jam
Appondale: a savannah-like land in Jamaa
Appondale Theater: a theater-like room where you can watch educational videos, found in the Conservation Museum
Art Studio: a room where you can make masterpieces and shop for artsy items, found in Coral Canyons
Atlas: the lion Alpha
Avalon: the owl Alpha
Bahari Bargains: a clothing shop in Bahari Bay
Bahari Bay: an ocean land
Barrett: the polar bear Alpha
Basement of Secrets: a secret room that can only be accessed by clicking a specific point on the World Map
Beta: a short period of time where players could test out Animal Jam before it was officially released
Biff: the hyena Alpha
Boomer: the kangaroo Alpha
Brady Barr's Lab: a room where you can watch educational videos and learn about wildlife and cool science experiments
Brady's Theater: a theater-like room where you can watch educational videos
Buddy: a Jammer that has been added to a player's buddy list
Buddy List: a list of a player's buddies
Calypso: the sea turtle Alpha
Canyons Pathway: a narrow trail that connects Crystal Sands and Coral Canyons that cannot be accessed through the World Map
Captain Melville's Juice Hut: a room where you can make yourself a smoothie and play the claw machine
Chamber of Knowledge: a room with three floors with ancient, mysterious artifacts where you can purchase items and flip through minibooks
Chat: the primary method of communication between Jammers
Clan: a group of Jammers that role play characters similar to the ones found in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series, often played in Sarepia Forest
Clark Stacey: the CEO of WildWorks
Claw Machine: a minigame where you can pay five gems per play for a chance to win a plushie
Claws 'N Paws: a room where you can adopt and dress up pets, found in Appondale
Club Geoz: a room where Jammers can play minigames, dance on a dance floor, and take photos of their animals
Codes: words or phrases (sometimes with numbers) that are used to redeem prizes such as gems, promo items, or memberships
Conservation Museum: a room where Jammers can purchase items, use the claw machine, watch educational videos, and learn about animals
Coral Canyons: a canyon-like land in Jamaa
Cornelius: the crocodile Alpha
Cosmo: the koala Alpha
Crystal Reef: an ocean land
Crystal Sands: a beach-like land
Daily Explorer: Animal Jam's official blog
Daily Spin: a prize wheel that you can spin once every time you log in to win gems, diamonds, or items
Den: a home for your animal avatars that can be decorated with items
Den Depot: a shop where you can purchase underwater-only dens, found in the Deep Blue
Den Shop: a shop in Coral Canyons where you can purchase land dens
Deep Blue: an ocean land with dark, eerie physical features
Diamonds: a special currency that can be used in the Diamond Shop to purchase animals, clothing items, den items, gems, dens, and more
Diamond Shop: a store in Jamaa Township where you can spend your diamonds
Drake: the shark Alpha
Edmund: the giraffe Alpha
Epic Dens List: a list of randomly picked dens that you can visit and access through the World Map
Epic Wonders: a store located in Coral Canyons that sells expensive clothing and den items
Fashion Show: an event that people like to host in their dens where Jammers must dress their animal according to a theme
Feast of Thanks: an event that occurs during the month of November to celebrate Thanksgiving
Felicity: the lynx Alpha
Flash Trading: a super fast type of scam that used to be very common but is almost impossible to do nowadays due to a recent update
Flag Shop: a store in Sarepia Forest where you can buy flags from different countries to hang in your den
Flippers 'N Fins: an underwater shop where you can adopt and customize underwater pets
Friendship Festival: an event that occurs during the month of February to celebrate friendship in Jamaa
Gabby's Animal Hospital: a room in Kimbara Outback where you can purchase items and learn facts about animals
Gems: the main currency in Animal Jam that is mainly used for purchasing animals, dens, and items
Gifts: items attached to a Jam-A-Gram
Glitch: a bug or malfunction in Animal Jam, often unwanted and disliked by players
Graham: the monkey Alpha
Graphic: a transparent image of something related to Animal Jam, such as backgrounds and assets, often used by Animal Jam Bloggers and YouTubers
Greely: the wolf Alpha
Harper: the seal Alpha
Hacker: someone who has an extensive knowledge of another player's personal information, which they use to hack their Animal Jam account
Hot Cocoa Hut: a room in Mt. Shiveer where you can purchase winter accessories and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate
Hudson: the otter Alpha
Jade: the snow leopard Alpha
JAG: an acronym that stands for Jam-A-Gram
Jamaa: the world of Animal Jam
Jamaa Journal: the newspaper in which updates are announced in
Jamtastic: a slang term Jammers use meaning ''fantastic''
Jamaa Township: the most popular land in Jamaa with many buildings that closely resemble a small town or village
Jamaalidays: an event that occurs during the month of December to celebrate Christmas
Jamaasian: an adjective used to describe Jamaa or things relating to Jamaa
Jam-A-Gram: a postcard that can be customized with different backgrounds, stickers, and phrases
Jam Mart Clothing: a store in Jamaa Township that sells clothing items
Jam Mart Furniture: a store in Jamaa Township that sells den items
Jammer: a name for anyone who plays Animal Jam
Juno: the arctic wolf Alpha
Kani Cove: an ocean land with lush wildlife
Kimbara Outback: an Australian outback-themed land found in the southern central part of the World Map
LaSalle: the raccoon Alpha
Liza: the panda Alpha
Lost Temple of Zios: a jungle-like land
Lucky Day: an event that occurs on March 17th (festivities run the entire month of March) that is similar to the holiday of St. Patrick's Day
Mailtime: a type of video that Animal Jam YouTubers make where the YouTuber opens gifts that other Jammers have sent them on camera
Marco: the penguin Alpha
Marine Marvels: a shop in the Deep Blue where you can purchase underwater statues
Masterpiece: a digital drawing made on Animal Jam that can be turned into a den item for a price
Minigame: a game in Animal Jam that you can play to earn gems
Mira: the mother of Jamaa; a grey heron; guardian spirit
Mt. Shiveer: an icy mountain-themed land
Mystery Emporium: a shop on the third floor of the Chamber of Knowledge where you can purchase mysterious items for your den
Night of the Phantoms: a Halloween-like celebration that goes on during the month of October
Olive: the cheetah Alpha
Otto: the elephant Alpha
Outback Imports: a shop in Kimbara Outback with furniture for your den
Party: a themed room that is almost always accessible to all Jammers, except for specific animal-only parties
Password: a term consisting of words, numbers, symbols, and/or phrases that allow you to access your Animal Jam account
Pawesome: a slang term Jammers use meaning ''awesome''
Peck: the bunny Alpha
Pets: small animals you can adopt and customize with accessories that will stand next to your main animal avatar
Phantoms: the main villains of Animal Jam whom were born from Mira's tears that seek to destroy and wreak havoc across Jamaa
Phantom Vortex: a special, secret room that is only accessible during the Night of the Phantoms celebration
Pillow Room: a room in Jamaa Township where most people go to role play and ''adopt'' a pet or child
Play Wild: an Animal Jam app for mobile devices that allows players to explore a 3D version of Jamaa with different games, items, and features
Poll: a survey
Promo Gift: a gift automatically awarded to your account that you get by redeeming a code
Rare Item Monday: every Monday a recolored version of an already existing item or, very rarely, a brand new item is put into stores for typically a high, expensive price
RIM: an acronym that stands for Rare Item Monday
Royal Ridge: a shop that only flying animals can access, found in Coral Canyons
Ruby: the rhino Alpha
Sarepia Forest: a forest-themed land
Sarepia Theater: a room where you can watch educational videos, found in Sarepia Forest
Scam: a method some Jammers use to unfairly take your items, often via trading or gifting
Scamming: the verb for scam
Scammer: the name for a player who scams
Shaman: a term for Alphas that is no longer used out of religious respect
Sigurd: the deer Alpha
Sir Gilbert: the tiger Alpha
Summer Carnival: a long event that lasts for about three months during the summertime, where you can play games to win tickets to buy cool items
Sunken Treasures: a underwater shop in Kani Cove where you can purchase underwater den items
Sol Arcade: a room in Jamaa where you can play minigames
Sophia: the horse Alpha
Tavie: the dolphin Alpha
Ticket: the currency used in the Summer Carnival
Tierney's Aquarium: a room in Crystal Sands where you can learn facts about marine life
Tierney's Theater: a room connected to Tierney's Aquarium where you can watch educational videos about marine life
Trading: a method of exchanging items with another player
Tunnel Town: the first Animal Jam app for mobile devices where you can breed and take care of bunnies
Username: the name you choose for your account when you first create it; the other half of your login information; the only part of your login information that everyone can freely see
Valentina: the eagle Alpha
Victor: the octopus Alpha
Zios: the father and creator of Jamaa

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