Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Look at this awesome art of me and two other AJ Bloggers (purplestarclub and AJKraft), drawn by another good blogger friend of mine, Karalee!

Ahhh! It's so amazing! <3

Also, happy summer solstice (longest day of the year) for the northern hemisphere! :p


  1. Lovely color palette. -akmlynx ^.^

  2. *sees a new post* *clicks to go to it* *heart skips a beat*

    �� Thank you SO much, Naffy!! �� The feature is so kind! C:

    (P.S. The color palette was "eyedropped" directly from screenshots of the features Jammers' avatars, in an effort to be true-to-AJ.)

    Thanks a million! C: :D


  3. Are you on Team Mira or Team Zios?


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