Friday, June 23, 2017

AJW Summer Carnival Giveaway #5

Hey there! :) Today is the fifth giveaway of the AJW Summer Carnival!

Yesterday's winner was purplestarclub! Congratulations! The randomly chosen winning number was 81, and her number was 86. Also, the answer to yesterday's question was leukemia.

Today, I will be giving away the item below...

All you have to do to enter is answer the question on the image below, and leave your username, status (member or non-member), a number between 1-100, and your answer to the question. Good luck!


  1. Username: Nafaria8
    Status: Non member
    Number: 50
    Answer: 20

  2. 20 codes. #10. Rosydaisy30603, member.

  3. Answer: 20
    User: Lostfairy
    Status: Member
    Number: 27 (my number. XD)

  4. Answer-20


  5. Answer: 20!
    Username: Sarahkey8
    Status: MEmber
    Number: 34

  6. Akmlynx
    20 codes

  7. Wait...
    a rare beard...
    The item I've wanted for so long...
    Henrythegreat4 member...
    20 codes and my number is 50.
    I hope I win.
    I like typing like this

  8. omg whats taking u so long to post the locations of everything in call of the alphas u so lazy work harder r u even trying

    1. Clara88 Hates HatersJune 23, 2017 at 2:13 PM

      STOP hating on Nafaria9! She does not deserve to be talked to this way. If you just hate this blog, than just leave this great website. Also, read number 2 on the AJW rules at the bottom of the page.

    2. yeah, ANAR. stop HATING on me. i dont deserve your dirty words. >:( read the rules b4 commenting. like wat even r u doing with ur life. smh.

    3. excuse me im part of the imperial animal jam vegan police force and i uphold all of the animal jam rules including NO BULLYING, NO SWEARING, NO SCAMMING among other rules, across ALL social media

    4. animal jam
      literally has animal in the name
      r u twiggered

    5. Anar, if you hate this blog and the author, why do you spend your time hating on her? Like you're acting like a two year old. Idk how old you are, but I'm assuming you're probably five, start acting mature and go away from the blog, as long as your gonna hate on it. And animal jam does not have an "animal jam vegan police force. What he heck. I hate the haters. I also love Miranda sings, so, "HATERS BACK OFF"

    6. Please don't hate Nafaria9. She has worked very hard on this amazing blog, taking lots of time and effort to bring us exciting and interesting content. If this blog didn't exist, you wouldn't even have the locations from Call of the Alphas from her.

      Believe it or not, if I ever made a blog, it would probably wouldn't even last long! But again, I would have been inspired by Nafaria9 because of her determination for this blog.

      Thank you Nafaria9 for this amazing blog, keep it up!! :D


  9. Number: 48
    Status: Member
    Answer: 20 pet codes
    Username: Clara88

  10. Is an upside down turtle. Needs to go to ocean.

    1. :picks up and puts in ocean: ^.^

    2. Looks back at akmlynx, then happily swims away.

  11. Meowprincess3033, member, 32 and 20 adopt a pets

  12. hello nafaria, i am not allowed to make an aj account so i have been using endangeredwildwhip. i am afraid of getting hacked because the password is up for everybody to use and i do have some rares on there. can you plz remove the password?

    thank you

    ps: can we be buddies? none of my buddies are online very much

    1. I will change the password for you ASAP.

    2. thank you, but i don't know the password anymore, so i'm locked out of my account.

    3. Okay, can we meet on the Whip chat sometime so I can give you the new password once I make it?

  13. 20 codes
    48 as my entry

  14. user: unicornmagic4ever
    status: member
    random number: 27
    answer: 20

  15. Does anyone have zios/mira den items to gift me? I need them for my den. -Rosydaisy30603

  16. You need 20 adopt a pet houses. My username is Transions, my status is member and my number is 38


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