Sunday, June 11, 2017

Animal Jam Comic Books Announcement

Hey Jammers! Naffy here! Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip blog! ^.^

Yesterday, AJHQ made a very exciting announcement via Instagram. They said that Animal Jam Comic Books are finally available at comic book shops near you!

Isn't this awesome!? I'd love to get my hands (or paws, I should say) on one of these bad boys. I wonder what epic stories of the Alphas are included inside, and even if there's a promo code and what it awards.

You can also purchase them off of Amazon, but from what I know, the books won't be shipped for a little while, so you can pre-order them if you want.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys have a fantastic day!


  1. first comment *snores*

  2. Graham looks absolutely terrifying on that cover.

    I think I'll wait and see what the comics are like before buying any. Just in case they're a little... Ya know... Cheesy

    mind you i will probably buy them no matter what

  3. AJHQ:... at a store near you!
    Me: oh, so you consider being 500 miles away from a Walmart is near.
    AJHQ: sure, whatever, just buy our book for free rares
    Me: Oh My

  4. *mourns because my bday is in November, and I have lots of things to buy with my money, so I wont get it till like next year*
    Actually, nvm.
    *writes down to get and mp3 player and headphones for bday, and ask for 10000 AJ toys/books for Christmas*
    And as Kraft pointed out.
    Graham is super scary on the cover O.O

  5. I agree with everyone else graham just looks... (shudders) anyway I really hope I can get one of these, I'm rely excited to see peck in them (she's my favorite alpha, I actually don't think her voice is annoying she's a lot like me, and greeley's overrated XD no offense to anyone) I really want to read it, I don't have many comic books at all, but I hope I can find these.

    ~glittergal624 who for some reason cannot use proper grammar

  6. Nearest store.................. hmm............. Halfway around the globe somewhere out there, and there is not even single AJ merchandise!


  7. I didn't notice Graham...

    Under my bed...


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