Monday, May 2, 2016

Unoriginality - A Rant

Hey Jammers!

Today I wanted to make a rant about unoriginality in the Animal Jam community.

These past few years I've noticed a huge spike in the number of YouTubers, and a large decrease in the number of bloggers, which is kind of sad, to be honest. :c

A lot of creative ideas were put into the making of videos, and because of these fresh, new ideas, many Jammers became famous on YouTube.

WisteriaMoon is best known for her Brave short film.
Aparri is best known for his hit Songs in Animal Jam and AJ Vines series.
wolffeycat is best known for her Wrecking Ball music video which has over one million views.

There are so many other famous YouTubers, too. ^.^

But back then, the Animal Jam YouTubing community wasn't as popular as the blogging community, so there was much originality when videos were created. In fact, I believe one of the very first AJMV's involving green-screening belonged to Libertyy.

Now that the community has progressed over time, there are more and more YouTubers.

That's why it's so hard to come up with original ideas for videos that will help grow your channel these days. It's because there's a good chance your idea may have already been stolen by someone else out there.

What also sucks is that when you DO think of a fantastic idea that no one has ever thought of before, it usually gets discovered by some famous person, so the famous person goes ahead and recreates your video into their own. Their video gets much more likes, comments, and views because their channel is a lot more popular than yours, so they get all of the credit.

And if you try to tell them that they stole your idea, the famous person has a bunch of fans on their side, so you end up losing the war.

It's just so unfair! :U

This is why I like to stick to blogging. There are very few active bloggers remaining in the community, and I am proud to be one of them. ^.^

What do you guys have to say about this topic?

Have a nice day. :)


  1. Oh, I agree! Even though I blog and make videos, I blog much more than make videos. In fact, I make videos usually once a month, so I can focus on blogging!

  2. I like blogging and videos it's so fun to do both. I sometimes wish famous jammers knew better than to not give credit I mean they should know better

  3. I agree so much. Between Aparri, Skorm and Zarfy (before Clark told him to get rid of all his videos) they basically JUST copied each other.

    Another unoriginal thing is arctic wolves with spiked collars, headdresses and beta tails. I only know a few AJ youtubers who use an animal that isn't an arctic wolf or wolf, some of those being PinkEmpress, Sage of the Sea, SmileySmiles and Shoopda. Its kind of sad that people don't give credit, since it's not THAT hard. Unless you didn't copy, just had the same idea, argh it's hard to tell.

    We need more creativity in AJ, in and out of YouTube

    [This comment is in no way supposed to offend anyone]

    1. You're very right! I always thought that Skorm, Omnipotent, Aparri, and Zarfy all created the same types of videos. It was getting kind of annoying...

  4. I wanted to make a parody, Aparri beat me to it.

  5. Aparri is a copycat and a hacker who should have NEVER become famous in the first place.


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