Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Items that NEED to Come Back

Hey Jammers! :)

I'm really bad at decorating dens. I simply cannot sit still for that long, designing and arranging items into a virtual house. :U

But whenever I do feel like decorating my den, there's always something missing from the scene, whether it be a coffee table or a candle or even a rug.

So, today I bring to you a list of den items that went on clearance a while ago and left the stores that should definitely return to Jamaa!

(as well as all of the other shelves)

(as well as all of the other plants)

I am positive that there are plenty more items that should totally return to stores, so... comment down below what items you would like to see make a comeback! Bye guys! ^.^


  1. Well, there was this galaxy portal thing in epic wonders once, thatbsould come b Back -In clarks den on the top, u will see what I am talking about-Misterfrizzy

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you! I need the coffee table for my library den, and the chair for my lemonade stand! (And I want the others to come back too)

  3. I miss the sectional sofas, plaid couches, large, stacked and long shelves,garden plots and the small growing plants..

    Do any of you happen to have a dig site canopy? I have been searching endlessly for two of them for MONTHS!

  4. I REALLY want those Sectional Sofas, AND a stack of books. But I think ALL of them should come back -- and some others like Bamboo (it's just called Bamboo), Space Ship Command (I REALLY want one of these -- I had one but I recycled it..), Computer, Emu Eggs, and Plaid Couches, etc.

  5. I really just want the spiral lamp and so Meloetta can get a item that she wants.

  6. Yes, yes! Bring back the plants, Coffee Tables, and Sectional Sofas, AJHQ!


  8. Agreed! These NEED to come back! I want to show this to AJHQ so they'll know we want these back.


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