Thursday, May 5, 2016

Healing Staffs (A History)

Hey there! :)

Today, I have yet ANOTHER little mystery/history sort of post for y'all. ^-^

Have you ever heard of "healing staffs"?

If you're new to Animal Jam, chances are you haven't.

Healing staffs were unreleased, Members-only, land clothing items. Some of these staffs were spotted on trade lists and animals during mid-2014, but there has been no sight of them since, except from the non-obtainable ones found in certain shops and buildings throughout Jamaa.

Healing Staff Bundle

There were three different known types of healing staffs: the Epic Healing Staff (blue), the Alpha Healing Staff (green), and the Basic Healing Staff (red). Each staff was made up of a long, narrow, wand-like stick, with a rope that attached the stick to a colored crystal. :3

Basic healing staff

No one is completely sure why AJHQ created these staffs (or if AJHQ even created them; a hacker might have), but my theory is that they were going to serve as a healing tool in adventures. For instance, you could purchase one at the little shop located in the heart of the base camp, and take it with you on adventures. Then, if one of your adventure-mates gets injured, you can use the staff to heal them. Does that make sense? :p

I wonder what you guys have to say about these curious items. Leave your thoughts in the comments!



  1. That's actually a pretty good theory of why they made them... -cheer

  2. Nafaria, have you seen the News Crew report for the Favorite Minibook? I think a special someone won it, because the llama is familiar.. Oh, wait, I know who it is! It's you! I recognized the musketeer llama in the photo - I usually never read News Crews, but I'm going to read yours! Yes, it really was a paw-riffic report! Keep up the great work, Taffy!

  3. They exist now.


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