Sunday, May 1, 2016

Top 5 Ways to Earn Gems REALLY FAST

Hi guys! Today is the first of May, which means there's only a month left until school is out for me! :D Just kidding, it's more like 26 days. :o Anyway... onto the post!

Gems are the main currency for everything in Animal Jam, from windows to chairs to scarves and hats. What many Jammers are struggling with is earning enough gems to purchase the items they desire. If you are one of these Jammers, congratulations! You came to the right post. ^.^ Hopefully these five tips will help you earn gems as quickly as possible.

1. Adventures

Adventures are the easiest way to earn gems in Animal Jam. Even by just playing the Beginner's Tutorial, you can earn over 1,000 gems in minutes! Don't believe others when they say that opening chests will cause you bad fortune. Chests are a great way to get some spare moolah.

2. Double Gems

Take a stroll through Jamaa, and you may find a game with a floating sign by it that reads "GEMS x2". This means that whatever game the sign is adjacent to feeds twice as many gems as you earn! Play away!

3. Falling Phantoms

If you're an expert at Falling Phantoms, then look no further for great ways to earn gems! Falling Phantoms hands out mighty chunks of gems if you win first place often.

4. Best Dressed

If you are a star at Best Dressed, you don't have much further to go! Best Dressed gives 200 gems to each first place-scoring animal with the best outfit.

5. Temple of Trivia

Do you think you know animals well? Try playing Temple of Trivia, a fast-paced trivia game that can spew out some handfuls of cash.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Bye!


  1. And OF COURSE Animal Jam HQ reads my science class's minds with the Animal Jam Academy experiment, which is a Terrarium. In science class, we're doing an ecosystems unit and we're making a terrarium and an aquarium. LOL.

    1. I did that in my 6th grade class, it was 3 layers. The first layer was the aquarium, the other 2 were for bugs and seeds we planted. I think it was made of soda bottles.

  2. If you're a member with a flying animal, do the Forgotten Desert because you have the possibility of getting spikes and betas, and whatever bad items (or just items you don't want) you get, you can sell. I did the adventure a few times and i got 26,500~ gems, so i would say it's pretty effective.


  3. How do I know if I have been hacked for real money with animal jam game. I have never played this game however my phone has been hacked and a facebook friend off facebook. My friend too and our Facebook account's . I don't know if she plays game


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