Saturday, May 21, 2016

Favorites :)


Everybody's Changing - Keane
Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
Team - Lorde
The Love Club - Lorde
Roses - The Chainsmokers ft. Rozes
My House - Flo Rida
Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Rey
Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey
Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey
Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson
Lights - Ellie Goulding
Shower - Becky G
Apologize - OneRepublic
I Lived - OneRepublic
Love Runs Out - OneRepublic
Feel Again - OneRepublic
Ordinary Love - U2
Iris (Hold Me Close) - U2
Song for Someone - U2
Every Breaking Wave - U2
California - U2
Crystals - Of Monsters and Men
Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) - Daughter
On Our Way - The Royal Concept
Try Everything - Shakira
Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
Yellow - Coldplay
Fix You - Coldplay
Ours - Taylor Swift
Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran
Let it Go/Let Her Go Mashup - Sam Tsui
Renegades - X Ambassadors
In the Wind - Lord Huron
Stressed Out Tomsize Remix - Twenty One Pilots
Rather Be - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne
Real Gone - Sheryl Crow



(there's more but I can't think of the rest right now :p)


    Hold back the river - James Bay
    Let her Go- James Bay
    The Phoenix- Fall Out Boy
    Light 'Em Up- Fall Out Boy
    Sugar we're going down - Fall Out Boy
    Dance, Dance- Fall Out Boy
    Thnks fr th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy
    Immortals - Fall Out Boy
    Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy
    Centuries- Fall Out Boy
    Doubt- T⌀P
    Stressed Out - T⌀P
    Ride- T⌀P
    heavydirtysoul - T⌀P
    Batman v. Superman'
    Fresh off the boat, the muppets.

  2. How do you remember all your favourite songs?

  3. I like gone gone gone by Philip Phillips:) Itll always be my favourite well one

  4. Cool :^T I wanna watch zootopia :(-Frizzy of the Mister-

  5. Cool! Crystals (Of Monsters and Men) used to be my favorite song!

  6. Omg I swear...
    You and I like the same TV Shows and Movies.....
    Coincidence, not?
    ~ xRadii

  7. I can't name a single favourite of mine without being yelled at for having an opinion.

  8. My brother watches American Ninja Warrior, too! My mom watches Shark Tank not too often.. ^-^

    ZooTopia is like the BEST movie ever! And Try Everything is from ZooTopia, if nobody knew! .w.

    When I saw Harry Potter on the list, I LITERALLY screamed in my head. I LOVE the Harry Potter series! I'm going to read Prisoner of Azkaban after Warriors: Forest of Secrets, but I am looking forward to watching the movies of The Sorcerer's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets with my dad! :D

    1. Harry Potter is the BEST! Best movies, best books! <3 I have a friend who is obsessed with reading, but get this: she's NEVER read Harry Potter. Like, who does that!!?? >:U

    2. My friend does! I think I'm the only girl in my class that reads Harry Potter.. XD

  9. My mom actually interviewed one of the people from McFarland.
    My favorite movies are the Harry Potter series, Alice in Wonderlad (2010 version), all the Spiderman movies, Zootopia, MAX, and much much more! I also really like Fallout Boy, and Imagine Dragons. :)-cheer

  10. I also like The Goldbergs and The Middle! Also, have you heard Ghosting by Mother Mother? It's my new favorite song :)
    ~ Bonecrushingwolf

  11. Apart from a few songs (like try everything and stressed out) I've NEVER heard of most of these (eye will check them out). Its mainly because I'm a country music fan :P

    As for tv shows, its obviously different for me cuz I'm British lol. I do watch Ninja warrior uk so I GUESS that counts as the same lel

    My favourite movies are Zootropolis, the hunger games movies, Inside out and the majority of marvel movies and also basically any Disney movie XD

    I'm one mishmashed kiddo
    Country music+disney+hunger games+marvel+animaljam+webkinz+ tycoon games+minecraft =Chicken(dats me)

    Also, would it be ok if I sign comments with my internet name, AJKraft instead of meganfurryfun37? Megan isn't even my name (its the name of a soft toy I just got when I started AJ lol)


  12. I just watched Jungle Book and it is the BEST MOVIE EVER TO ME!!! Sorry, I always conplain out fangirling, yet I'm doing that right now, lol!

  13. Hey Naf, have you listened to Photograph by Ed Sheeran, or Youth by Troye Sivan? Both really awesome sounding songs!! Ooo, and 7 Years, by Lukas Graham, of course!

  14. My favorite songs
    1. almost all of the Panic! At The Disco songs XD
    2. Tonight tonight- The Smashing Pumpkins
    3. Sugar we're going down- Fall Out Boy
    4. Thanks for the memories- Fall Out Boy
    5. I'm not okay (I promise)- My Chemical Romance
    6. Welcome to the black parade- My Chemical Romance
    7. Indestructible- Robyn
    8. Cross Our Bones- Crown the empire
    9. FourFiveSeconds- Rihanna
    10. BBHMM- Rihanna
    I have an odd taste in music XD


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