Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 173: Create Your Own Masterpiece

Hey Jammers! Today's an update day, so let's check it out!

WHOA... create your own masterpiece!? Let's turn the page to find out more...

Wow! For just 2 diamonds, you can turn your painting into an ITEM! This looks super cool! Too bad it's for Members only!


I have certain concerns for that Peck drawing.

A new den. Nothing too special. We see new dens all of the time, but I must admit this one does look cool!

For a limited time only, all the hats in Jamaa are 50% off! I remember in 2012 they had a Hatapalooza, and there was a little hat cart in the Sarepia Forest. Everyone was mad because a previous rare item, top hats, were released. Good times, good times! XD

It's been confirmed! Pigs are officially coming to Jamaa! And polar bears have departed, too. You will be missed, dear polar bears!

What better way to end the newspaper than pig facts?

Also, I got featured in the Daily Explorer!

This just has to be the reason why I was sent that beautiful diamond plaque!

Thanks for reading, adios!


  1. Good job on the news crew! I just adore the new den! It's perfect for me, since I love art (and peck)! I also think the new picture/den thingy is pretty cool!-cheer

  2. Nice template! CONGRATS! What's your concerns for that pic? Haven't actually checked out pecks den yet.,, the on,y thing about the drawing thing is that people might claim it as their Own unless it says like username drawing... Also it's only for nonmembers and a few other reasons

    1. I just think Peck had plastic surgery and the surgery failed. Her new face on that easel looks tacky. O-o

    2. Too me (and this is my opinion ^.^), Peck looks cuter then before. Younger, maybe? (She IS the youngest Alpha, so she should look younger) More modern looking? What's wrong with that? :D I personally LOVE how she looks now!

    3. In my opinion, I just really liked the old "shaman" feel. But that's just what I think. X3

    4. Oh no.. they have made new Peck a den item!

  3. WOW! Ok, this update kinda pisses me off. My main reason being that they changed hatapalooza! I LOOOOOVED the hat shack, it was cool but now it's gone! GRR!
    (Angry) Bonecrushingwolf

    1. Yeah, I was kind of hoping for some limited-edition hat items too.

  4. Also, the first thing i drew was gaster from undertale bc im trash :3 i might do napstablook next idk
    (A somewhat better) Bonecrushingwolf

  5. Oooh, the den is gorgeous but, I wish the den item pictures came out yesterday. :( I just made a jungle temple scene for the Daily Explorer. It came out beautifully. I'm pretty proud but, i wish I could have put it my den :( Oh well, no point in crying over spilled milk! I plan on entering as many AJ contests as possible! I'm so excited for the The Girl With a Pear Earring - AJ Style!!!

    1. Yeah, I've drawn some pretty decent pictures that I would have liked to save as a masterpiece!

  6. I adore the fact you can trade them-think of the possibilities with art commissions! Instead of having to have a deviantART you can physically trade the item in AJ!

    As for Peck's den, I'm defiantly gonna get it, but right now I have exactly 10 diamonds prepared for a piggy lol

    By the way, the new blog 'background (idk what ya call it lol) is beautiful!


  7. Wow! Congrats on being on the news crew!


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