Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Animal Jam Spotlight: firetigerx

Hi Jammers! Today is Tuesday, and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah... You know what that means blah-blah-blah-blah-blahhh... it's another SPOTLIGHT! Duhhh... o.e

Anyway, today we are going to be spotlighting Jamaa's most famous scammer catcher in history: firetigerx.

Firetigerx was basically the head police chief of Animal Jam. Much like the agents of the Animal Jam Scam Watchers Society, she "caught" scammers by recording them and then uploading the footage to her YouTube Channel. Back in 2012 when Firetiger was most active, the AJ YouTubing community was extremely small. Firetiger was very popular, but she only had about 2,000 subscribers, which was a lot back then. She also ran a blog, which you can view by clicking on the picture to the right.

Firetiger mysteriously disappeared from Animal Jam in early 2013, and then randomly returned for a visit sometime during spring 2015. She then officially quit for good on October 25th, 2015, due to age (she's 18 years old), busyness (yes, that's a word!), and school.

Oh, I forgot to mention something: Firetiger is indeed female. Similar to snowyclaw's experiences, Firetiger was often called a boy because her main look was a wolf with evil eyes. Firetiger and Snowy both taught us that you don't have to look like a certain gender to be a certain gender.

So, there you have it! Firetiger will always hold a special place in the scam-catching world. She definitely left a mark on this game. ^.^


  1. 9/10 of jamaa's population leaves.. eh who cares... Aparri leaves.. Animal jam shuts down o.0

    1. Who else remembers way back when in 2014 when Julian quit and a gazillion fangirls quit animal jam. That was strange

      Personally I'd just see Aparri quitting as a chance for other animal jam youtubers to step up and take over. Some people take longer then some to film and edit, but their hard work gets blown away with the wind.

      Also I like how some people get subs because they entertain or make nice videos (like Wisteriamoon or Spirits Jamaa) yet others (like you know who) just get subs because people want their rares. In my opinion, you should subscribe to people you want to watch, not just so you can get pixels for yourself. Also, has anyone else noticed Aparri and Bepper are practically uploading the exact same videos?

      ~~Ranty Meganfurryfun37

    2. I feel the EXACT SAME WAY!!! It's almost like you read my mind or something. :P Megan, are you a mind-reader!?

      Anyway... I totally agree. Aparri is basically the overlord of the Animal Jam community, and everyone respects him like a god. I used to think his videos were fun to watch, but now they're just not original and good-quality anymore. And a lot of other YouTubers like Omnipotent AJ, Skorm, and Zarfy (when he was still allowed to make AJ videos) used to copy his style: similar video ideas, similar thumbnails, similar intros and outros, etc. It's all just sooo annoying!

      That's why I like to watch videos from other communities, like Webkinz, LPS, and even REAL YouTubers like Miranda Sings. XD

  2. That's awesome, Naffy!

  3. Wow. I found out that there are seriously SCAMMING AJ BLOGS. Wow. They're exposing themselves, so they can get banned or something now...


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