Saturday, May 28, 2016

Animal Jam Item Tag

Hey Jammers! :D

My good friend Panda likes to create lots of Animal Jam tags, so I thought it would be fun to create one of my own!

Now, I present to you: the Animal Jam Item Tag!

Feel free to answer these questions in the comment section down below! :D

*Graphics used in the tag picture were made by awesomepanda868, purplestarclub and I.*


  1. Here we go :)
    1. Party hats
    2. Nature archways
    3. My purple and silver party hats
    4. Currently a blue party hat. My dream, dream item is a magenta furry.
    5. Like 5 away from the maximum lol
    6. 498


    1. I got a blue party hat, so 4 is now a non rare headdress and then magentafurry lol

  2. Ooh, I'd love to answer! :)

    1. Party hats, Jamaaliday scarves or Jamaaliday bows. :)
    2. Spring nature archways, the unicorn snow leopard plushie or my epic panda plushie!
    3. I guess my pink party hat? I love a lot of items, though, so I can't really pick just one.
    4. A spring nature archway or a pink short spike collar. I used to have a spring nature archway, but then my buddy scammed it from me about a year back. :T Also, I just find pink short spiked collars to be so cute! ^.^
    5. 267
    6. 461

    I love how you decorated your tag! :O

  3. 1. Red short, not to aldanite, but still rare
    2. Any plant rlly...
    3.Neon bow
    4. A purple and green headdess

  4. Oh btw, look in epic wonders, the den items... there is an art easel, and you can draw on it! Idk it seemed important.. -Same frizzyness-

  5. 1. Rainbow Skirt (or Baseball Cap but I don't truly have one, those are just a few of my faves)
    2. Wavy Bookshelf (or Stack of Books or Lucky Fireplace but I don't truly have one, those are just a few of my faves)
    3. Don't have one, I like them all! :D
    4. Nerd Glasses (or Designer Skirt)
    5. 299
    6. 500

    Well, thanks for the tag! :D I had fun! ;)

  6. 1. Worn Blanket or Elf Tails
    2. Fancy Curtains
    3. My Beta Elf ^-^
    4. Hmm, maybe non rare headdress
    5. Little less than full inventory
    6. Full inventory

  7. 1. Rare Nerd Glasses, or as I call them, "Nerdies." (They have the light yellow tape)
    2. Rare Skinny Lamp, the 2011 Porch Swing, my Sigurd statue (I think his antlers look cool), my Masterpieces.. I have a lot.
    3. My Nerdies. I actually have a story about them.. I can post it on the Animal Jam Comet if any of you would like.
    4. A magenta & green Headdress is what came to my head. I will reply to my comment if I found a better item I want.
    5. 299/300 (Did I recycle something? IDK, LOL!)
    6. 500/500 (I dislike recycling. I hope we get 1,000+ slots like Animal Jam -- Play Wild! does!)

  8. 1. Blue and white Headdress ((This will sound hipster, not trying to) I liked them before they were rare, but now it's super hard to get. I also don't have one, is that against the rules?)

    2. Any big plushie and masterpieces! I've seen pretty good art, and it helps boost my self esteem. I got magenta lights, a fly trap, and a big bunny plushie for my (in my opinion) bad Gaster drawing.

    3. My favorite den item is my Napstablook masterpiece, and my favorite clothing item is my blue astronaut helmet.

    4. My dream item is either a pink Headdress or a blue and white headdress. I only want pink so i can down trade it for blue and white, and giveaway the spikes or betas i get as well.

    5. I currently have (uh-oh) 274 out of 300. My sister somehow has only 24!

    6. Yikes, 480 out of 500! I need to go through and delete some stuff.


  9. 1. My Rare Party Hat, I guess. I love a lot of my clothing items!

    2. The Gazebo!

    3. Hmm, that's a tough one. I my Cami's Frog, since it's cute AND it honors Cami! Though I also love the Gazebo, Mira Statue, Spirit Glove, Art Easel, 2013 Banner, Greely Statue, Feathered Bird Hat, Rare Nerd Glasses, and... Okay, I'll stop listing my 1,000,000 things now.

    4. Right now, I have 291. Woah, I need to get rid of those unwanted RIMs!

    5. 497. I know we JUST got 100 more den slots added, but I love so many items in AJ that I need more like 650!

  10. Ahh wait! I did it wrong! Let me try this again...

    1. My Rare Party Hat

    2. The Gazebo

    3. Either my Cami's Frog, Art Easel, Mira Statue, Rare Party Hat, or Greely Statue. Yeah, I like a LOT of AJ items.

    4. Well, I got most of my dream items, but I DO still want a Nature Archway! The one with the vines on it! /\ - /\

    5. 291. Yeah, I gotta trade away some of my unwanted RIMs.

    6. I have 497 den items. I know we just got 100 more den slots, but I need more like 650!

  11. 1. My pink sunglasses, I just love how they look!
    2. My 'masterpiece' that is still being reviewed LOL
    3. My beautiful sunglasses
    4. Cami frog. I have been trying to get it for for forever, jamagram me if you wanna trade please do! I have been wanting it for a month!
    5. Not a lot for clothing and den. 132 clothing items.
    6. 205 for den items.

  12. 1. Probably my purple spiked mohawk
    2. My plaques <3
    3. hm... the really old jam-a-grams that contained member gifts- priceless!
    5. and 6. Well I have no idea but right now I can't log into AJ (supposed to be doing homework) so I can't check :(

  13. 1. My top hat (for some reason I love top hats, don't ask me why)
    2. Probably my masterpiece or nature archway
    3. My top hat
    4. A party hat (in any color but pink)
    5. 300
    6. 494


  14. Favorite clothing item: Any meme clothing lol Favorite den item: Anything involved with Greely, idk lol Dream items: (be prepared this list is long lol) Black long, any headdress, any party hat, magenta furry, beta tiara, pearly tiara, and milky tiara Amount of clothing items: 31 Amount of den items: 51

  15. 1. Necklace and no this isn't a joke i think they are cool and i like the colors

    2. Cami's frog i wish i had one but i traded it away while it was in stores to make matters worse i accedently scammed someone from a spike when i traded it this happened on play wild btw if your reading this i feel so bad but cami's frog is rarer then spikes on play wild though so your lucky if you still have it

    3. My RIM butterfly wings ��

    4. Cami's frog or a flower crown

    5. 194

    6. 98


  16. 1. Top hat
    2. hmm.... the grandfather clock.
    3. Magenta top hat
    4. Headdress
    5. 161
    6. 632


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