Friday, May 20, 2016

News Crew Tips

Bonjour, Jammers! Comment vas-tu aujourd'hui? ^.^ Je le fais bien!

Depuis que je gagné sur une place dans l'équipe Nouvelles équipes, je reçois beaucoup de questions comme "pourriez-vous me donner quelques conseils sur la façon d'écrire mon entrée?" et "quelles sont les stratégies pour gagner la Nouvelles Crew?" Donc, aujourd'hui, je pensais que je voudrais partager quelques trucs et astuces avec vous sur la façon d'écrire la parfaite entrée Nouvelles Crew. Rappelez-vous, continuer à essayer si au début vous ne réussissez pas!


Hello, Jammers! How are you doing today? ^.^ I'm doing great!

Ever since I won on a spot on the News Crew team, I have been receiving a lot of questions like "could you give me some tips on how to write my entry?" and "what are some strategies for winning the News Crew?" So, today I thought I would share some tips and tricks with you on how to write the perfect News Crew entry. Remember, keep on trying if at first you do not succeed!


1. Use good writing mechanics and conventions.

Always proofread your entry before submitting it to AJHQ! Fix your spelling errors and any other grammar mistakes you may find. Keep your entry clean and spotless!

2. Don't use slang.

It's a good idea to keep your report free of words, emojis and phrases like "XD", "LOL, "JOHN CENA", etc.

3. Stay on topic.

Don't begin your report by saying, "Hi Jammers! Have you ever wondered why geese fly in V-shapes? Oh, by the way, this morning on the way to school we found a dead goose laying on the road! The flesh and blood and feathers were all spread out over the road! It was disgusting! I almost wanted to puke out my Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Cinnamon Toast Crunch is SOOOO delicious. It's like, the best cereal EVA! Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, geese..."

Yeah. Big no-no right there. >.<

4. Keep your report under 250 words long.

Any reports that exceed the 250 word limit will automatically be thrown out of the competition. Sorry!

Also, a 3-4 paragraph long report is the recommended size for a News Crew entry. Don't make the paragraphs super lengthy. You get the idea, right?

5. Keep your report child-appropriate!

Enough said.

6. Be positive!

No one wants to read a report that's full of negativity. "UGH I HATE THE LLAMAS THEY R SO GROSS" "EW DISGUSTING IT SMELLS LIKE POO" "AJ SUCKS HAHAHAHA"

7. Start your report with a friendly greeting.

"Hello Jammers!" or "Hi Jammers!" is a great way to start your report.

8. Use pun words like "pawesome" and "paw-tastic".

DE writers make puns in their writing whenever they are typing up a new post for the Daily Explorer, so it kind of gives you the right to use those same puns as well. Instead of "awesome", write "PAW-some", and capitalize the "paw". The list goes on and on!

9. Attach a relevant screenshot to your entry.

If you do not attach a screenshot that corresponds to what your report is about, you probably won't get picked.

10. Sign your report with your ANIMAL'S name, not your USERNAME.

And make sure that the name you are signing off with is the same name of the animal that is in your screenshot.

I hope these tips helped! Thanks for reading! ^.^


  1. Sooo this wouldn't be allowed--
    HELLOOO stimkky JAMMERS here to report is JOHN CENA LOL XDXD DID U know that on webkinz there is currently the flower collection which ineed to finish and O YE I NEED TO TALK ABOUT AJHQ they are (insert nasty thingies here >•<)
    And nonmembers need more ajhq how dare u omd this is PUGTATOsome Wai its pawsim o nvm kiddoz anyway this was meganfurryfun37 showing u now to NOT write ur newz crew

  2. Those tips are quite nice to know

  3. These tips are SO helpful! Be sure to look for MY spectacular collage/comic of my Underwater Den for the Daily Explorer's Underwater Den Contest!

  4. Great tips! Oh, and Nafi, THEY RELEASED NEW PLANTS!-cheer

  5. I just got scammed a phantom rug. So, a person came in, saying do you have a glitched elf hat? :Me: no :Person: Well thats ok, I would trade my whole list for it (Pink spike, black worn, other things) Then another person walks in :Person 2: If you trade me your neon bow, u can get her list! I said no. How about phantom rug? :My gullable self: Sure! I GET on with it. THEY both LLEEAAVVEE. :I wow I felt so gullable -Misterfrizzy-

    1. I'm so sorry! D: Scammers aren't very nice, are they? I've been scammed before millions of times, and trust me, it sucks!

  6. Very helpful! I'll use these tips in the future!


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