Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer Carnival Graphics


  1. Cool graphics! How do you make them? Do you use something to make them? If possible, can you make a post on how to make graphics? And not meaning to pry or anything, but why would we need to email you to get your username to Webkinz? I mean, I don't play that game, I was just a bit curious.


    P.S Sorry for so many questions

    1. A post on how to make a graphic is a great idea! I'll get around to doing that sometime! :3

      Also, about Webkinz... I started playing Webkinz when was about 6 years old, and so obviously I didn't know anything about keeping personal info private. So the reason I don't give out my Webkinz username straightaway is because it contains some personal info. :)

    2. Yes, I agree. I don't know the first thing about graphics. A info post would be amazing!

    3. Okay, Thanks Naffy (can I call you that?) for letting me (and everyone who read my comment) know about the webkinz thing and the info post.


  2. Nice graphics!

  3. Hi! Good graphics! (it's my first time commenting)

  4. Heyoooo! I have a question.
    Do you use photoshop of SAI for your graphics?
    Just wondering.
    -Sixty58, Animaljam.


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