Monday, May 16, 2016

New Jam-A-Gram Glitch


Did you hear about the new Jam-A-Gram glitch? You can actually edit the top text of a certain Jam-A-Gram, all with a click of a button!

In order to do this glitch, make sure one of your buddies sends you the raccoon JAG above. Now go into your inbox and click on the top text. Now you can highlight the text, delete the text, and even create a new text like I did in the picture! (Noice Sparklestep). XD

Cool, right?

Thanks for reading this mini post. :P


  1. XD!
    Oh and Naffy, I buddied you on Play Wild. I'm "theangelicbunny".

    1. Awesome! I'm gonna try this later, thanks for explaining it!


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