Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 172: Summer Carnival

Hi Jammy-Wammies! XD Today is an update day, so let's check out the latest edition of the Jamaa Journal!

Hyenas have returned! If you haven't got a hyena yet (and you're a Member with 10 diamonds on hand), you must pick one up, because they're super cool! :P

The Summer Carnival has returned! Yay! :D

It looks exactly the same as the previous years, with the same items and games, which I suppose is good because what would the Summer Carnival be without its original, classic touch?

Ooh! I really like this new preview gadget thingamabob. Now I won't have to waste my gems on an item that I didn't like!

In the picture above, my arctic fox is trying on some Summer Carnival clothes. :)

:O ANOTHER new animal is coming to Jamaa! Solve the puzzle to find out what this new animal may be!

**SPOILER ALERT**: The new animal is a PIG!

Of all animals, why add a PIG!? I mean, I guess they already have horses, so it's fair to say that they're continuing the farm animal line, but it's ANIMAL JAM, people! Not FARM JAM! e.e

Oh well. I'm kind of excited for pigs anyway. XD

Aaaaaaand last but not least, polar bears will be leaving in two weeks on May 26th! Hey, that's the last day of school for me! ^.^

To conclude this update post, here is a graphic I whipped up:

Click on the picture to enlarge it. c:

See you later, Jammy-Wammies! owo


  1. AYYYY pigs ^○^
    My last day is june 15th :l
    And I have been asking (Counts with fingers\|/)
    Like 3 months now for that preview thingamahoo...

  2. I thought the same as you: Pigs?! This isn't BARNYARD JAM!! I mean, they are SUPER adorable, so adorable that I'll end up getting one anyway, but just because they recently added goats does not mean AJHQ should be adding farm animals. The goats actually DID count as wild animals: Mountain goats! But I'm half anticipating, half ranting about the arrival of pigs. :1

    ~ swirlshine ( On the school computer)

  3. ooh...... PIGS?!

    But why a pig? I mean I love pigs, but I guess this is going to be an unwanted animal (especially if it's member). Maybe their should be a redo on an old animal, like they do with horses on Star Stable (I know, this is an aj blog not sso, anyway I am Anastasia Winterpaw). Ok sorry if I got carried away., I'll stop writing.....

  4. There as such things as wild pigs. I think...

    1. Yep! I wonder if the AJ pigs will show any resemblance to wild pigs.

  5. Wow, lucky! I have to wait until June 2nd until school ends, which isn't good considering i'm leaving to visit my family in england at June 7th or 5th. Also, I (personally) feel that the new pigs should be a non-member animal since there is very few NM animals, and because all the new animals have been in the diamond shop. They could at least make a gem or nonmember animal every 2~3 animal updates. Anywho, other than the pigs, I really like this update. I've wanted a Hyena for a while but didn't have the diamonds for it. I still don't :/. Gah, I'm rambling again, /).(\ sorry. I'll end here, haha

    From, Bonecrushingwolf

    1. Yeah, a Non-Member, non-Diamond Shop animal would be nice!

  6. Omg I cant WAIT for pigs! Technically any farm animal is still an animal, Naffy :P but I kinda wanted sloths because
    Ha... Ha.... Ha.... (zootropolis viewers will get that joke) but after pig I want CHICKENS. Just imagine chunky chickens wearing headdresses and spiked collars, dancing and asking for trades XD I understand that pigs seem random, but I think spreading out into more then just wild animals is needed. Hey, we might even see dogs and cats running around Jamaa soon :)

    1. That would be so funny! I think chickens are hilarious. XD

  7. I don't get out of school till June 23rd DX. Also I don't think they should add pigs because I LIKE BACON! :P-cheer


    2. I just want to be able to say "aparri is a pig" and not be attacked by fangirls -anon bc fangirls

  8. There is actually such thing as a wild pig, wild pigs are called Boars. I'm a bit disappointed that pigs/boars are coming instead of ostriches or sloths though.

    1. When I was living in Arizona, we had a lot of javelinas, where are kind of like boars but different. They would always steal our pumpkins during the fall and snack on our gardens. XD

  9. Wait...

    Pigs are generally very popular and common animals, appearing almost all over the globe. So, dopes this mean we're FINALLY getting an animal that can be purchased for gems?!


    1. That would be nice! And I hope the pigs are for Non-Members too.

  10. Next thing you know there is gonna be a cow


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