Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Animal Jam Spotlight: XxFreeSpiritxX (Breathless/Goldfishypuppy)

Hey hey hey! Welcome back to the Animal Jam Whip! I'm nafaria9 and I'm here to bring you another volume of the Animal Jam Spotlight series! ^.^

Today, we're talking about one of the old-timey famous Animal Jam bloggers. She is known by many different names (you may have already figured that out by reading the title), but we'll just call her Goldy, short for Goldfishypuppy. :3

When Goldy first began her Animal Jam journey, she started out by playing on her brother's account, MisterArcticClaw. She immediately grew a love for the game. You could say she was addicted.

She was passionate about rares. You know the people in Aldan that you see every day, constantly trading 24/7? Goldy was one of those people. Back in her day, items such as top hats were all the rage, and Goldy was known for being the owner of many top hats.

BreathlessOne day, Goldy decided to start a blog. Blogs were super popular back then. Everyone wanted to have a blog - a famous blog, to be exact. So Goldy created the Animal Jam Freedom. If it was currently accessible to all viewers, I would give a link to you guys, but that's no longer possible. :c

Then Goldy changed her username from MisterArcticClaw to XxFreeSpiritxX. Over the months, Goldy's blog grew what you would call famous. But it wasn't the content that attracted traffic - it was the items sitting in her inventory (rares).

Goldy scammed a bit, and even hacked. She lost a lot of friends and went through tons of traumatic drama. It reached the point where Goldy told herself, "I need to quit this game." And just like that, Goldy when into hiding. She gave all of her rares away and deleted most of her buddies.

Goldy later returned to Animal Jam as the user Goldfishypuppy. She created a new blog, one that is still standing today, yet sadly inactive: Jamaa's Written Truth. I love this blog because some of the posts teach really great lessons that we all need to apply to our lives. Then, I think, I think, she changed her username to Breathless, and kept it ever since.

Unfortunately, Goldy does not play Animal Jam anymore. :(

The reason I decided to spotlight Goldy is because she's an honest and truthful Jammer, hence the name Jamaa's Written Truth. :)

Thanks for reading, everybody!


  1. I love JWT as well, the life lessons are inspiring! I saw the latest post that Mister Chunkybuddy did, and it was so sad! :(

  2. I started to think you were crazy for spotlighting a hackerscammer..... But then I saw how she noticed what wrong things she was doing.......... -A person-

  3. Omg... Jamaa's written truth is so.... wow. I WAS actually buddies with misterchunkybuddy, when snow leopards first came out I had 1 and he wanted to see the actions. I WAS AndrewJ04 back then, and when he said, I might be quitting, I think I broke down, cuz I had no idea who Aparri was or Bepper or you.... Ma He was my idol....... Plus I could kind of relate to him in sad life........ when I was 3 my dad was shot while he went somewhere......... idk why am I telling a 90% stranger this? -Misterfrizzy-

    1. Aww! Sorry your dad passed away. Thats really sad.

    2. Same. I'm sorry D:

      ~swirlshine on a school computer


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