Wednesday, May 11, 2016


My friend Cheetah mentioned a new item to me that was recently released: a GIANT CHEETAH PLUSHIE!

It looks super adorable, but I have one problem with this enormous stuffed animal.

How come on all of the other giant plushies available in the Diamond Shop, you can change their color, but not the cheetah?



  1. I am SO frustrated about this, too! I wish it would be in pastel pink, one of my favorite colors, but sadly, we can't choose our own colors. :(

  2. Hm. Maybe they'll let you make it different colors later. Just wait, people will buy it right now, then once it is released in other colors, it will suddenly be "glitched". :1

  3. I wish the cheetah was a different shape because it's almost identical to the snow leopard. And I was also annoyed at the colours, AJHQ must have been a bit tired and forgot to add it X3


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