Sunday, May 22, 2016

Non-Member Rights Rant

"Lions roar, eagles soar, Non-Members deserve more!" -Jammer

Hey Jammers! Today I have a little rant for y'all, so if you don't like rants, now is your chance to leave.

Ever since Membership was added into Animal Jam after beta testing, Non-Members and Members have always been at war with each other over who's better and who's more special and stuff like that.

Here is the current chart of Member benefits that you can find on the Membership section of the homepage:

Obviously Members get way more freedom in the game than Non-Members do. Duh, they're MEMBERS! They PAID for the extra freedom.

But don't get me wrong. I most definitely agree when people say Non-Members deserve more.

In the early days of Membership, Non-Members weren't as restricted. They had the ability to send and receive gifts (I think), read chat history, type in free chat mode, etc.

But in later years, AJHQ decided to remove those little features from Non-Members and made them specifically Members-only.

Instead of taking abilities AWAY from Non-Members, they should just ADD abilities for Members. That way Non-Members won't have to suffer as badly.

There are games out there such as Club Penguin that don't treat their Non-Members very fairly, but Animal Jam is not like that. In fact, AJHQ gives Non-Members a lot more freedom than most virtual worlds out there. Let me also point out that I am extremely grateful that Non-Members now get the option of coloring their items. Thank you, AJHQ, thank you! <3

But because you took free chat away from Non-Members, they can't abide by the second amendment of America.

Because you took away the chat history from Non-Members, they can't read old messages from their buddies when they come back from being on BRB.

Because you took away the ability of sending and receiving gifts from Non-Members, they can't feel the love from their friends and pay it forward too.

See what I mean?

What do you guys think about Non-Members? Do they deserve more? Why or why not?

Let me know your thoughts! See ya! c:


  1. I feel non members should be able to send and receive gifts, have their own jammer wall, and also be able to wear member items just not buy them. For example, in webkinz and .low voice. Moshi monsters >-< you can wear member/deluxe items, just not buy them. So if in webkinz your friend sends you deluxe clothes, you can wear them. In fact, MOST online games fo this, why not AJ? If not that, all adventures should be nm since members barely do adventures anyway (in fact I must be one of only a few 'rare' people who do them frequently)darn, that reminds me. AJHQ, it has been nearly 2 YEARS since the last proper adventure , turning the tide. Like seriously :\

    Anyhow, rant over

    1. I agree! I play a game that is called Star Stable, I think it's better than most games, because when it comes to clothing and horses, there is no such thing as 'MEMBERS ONLY', only that you have to level up. Even better, SSO occasionally gives out free star rider (membership) codes for everyone to use. I think Star Stable is more fair than Animal Jam, and I think that AJHQ should at least try out some of the other games out there, and see what could use some improvement. I know, Members pay for what they get, but I have almost given up on AJ. We non members need new,fresh, exciting content.


    2. Its still on so called 'testing' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Personally, they could add a few features for nmembers. I mean they have alot, and I understand Aj needs the money, but they get greedy. What was the last animal? A turtle? Ehh.... -Misterfrizzy, from a hotel-

    1. I know right? I really hope the new pigs are for all Jammers!

  3. I totally agree with you on all of these! Some members just don't even let nonmembers go near them, it's so rude. I think the chat shouldn't be restricted with the nonmembers everyone is a human everyone isu equal that doesn't mean members deserve free chat and nonmembers have to suffer with restricted even if they are the nicest

  4. I agree that it was unfair to take away free chat and the chat bar. When I got a membership, that chat bar changed my life. XD Typing in jamagrams also needs to return. What if there was a suspicious character at ur den and you needed to communicate with with everybody without the character knowing? Gifting, though, I don't think was important. I heard AJHQ got rid of it for nm because Fman would send necklaces that glitches to people. -Artemis (RMCkkd92)

  5. I really just need to get this out. My BFF just quit. It was from all this drama and heartbreak. This was for REAL. She gave away her Orange Long to a friend. I have no idea what I'm gonna do AJ now. She was such a important part of my day. :(

  6. I agree. Hey -- at least we're not Club Penguin, who has ALMOST NOTHING for their non-members, and Disney is just earning money by having nothing for non-members. At least AJHQ is fair!

    1. Yeah, I'm glad that Animal Jam is more fair towards NMs. :)

  7. I agree that non-members should be returned the features that were taken away. Non-members should have free chat, be able to send and receive gifts, and see the chat history, because it makes it more convient for everybody, including the members.-cheer

  8. its the First Amendment. The second is about gun rights so yeah.

  9. I agree with you too about adding features for members. That seems like a good idea for incentives to but instead of taking away features from non members.

    I agree and disagree on this. Yes, non-members should NOT be treated like trash. Yes, they deserve more cuz hey, they are human too. But also, I feel like if AJ made lots of things for non-members, members who paid for they're membership will feel cheated. Also, I would hate it if AJ closed. >.< It hurts just thinking about losing ALL my friends... again. (Pixie Hollow closed and I lost many amazing friends...) But I really hate it when they are members and non-members at a fashion show and guess who gets out first. The non-members. It's because people do themes like "most like me" or something. And then of COURSE they are covered in spikes and wristbands and elf tails. (no offense guys! Don't get me wrong, I like elf tails too. I just don't see why they are so rare and all.) Anyhoo, awesome post, Nafaria!! :D

  11. Non-members most certainly deserve a bit more! i wish that non-members could still send gifts, as I could do that when I was a non-member. That way, my member friends could get the thing I wanted to give them, instead of taking forever to trade them instead. Plus, sending something instead of trading is a much better surprise! Though, I agree, I'm SO happy that AJHQ finally let the non-members choose the colors of their items! I think they should also make one or two more land non-member dens. Also, I just though of this: A store where EVERYTHING in it is for non-members! That would be awesome!
    But I agree with Cosmic, at least we have more freedom than Club Penguin non-members. I've been randomly messing around on that game lately, and ugh! Non members get almost NOTHING!!!
    I think we need a better " Non-members deserve more" chant. I've heard that one one too many times, lol! :P It's fine though!

  12. Nonmembers definitely deserve more than they have right now. I am currently a nonmember, and since I lost my membership I've realized how annoying a lot of the stuff AJHQ has taken away from nonmembers is. Like, What's the point of taking away the previous chat thing? I just find it an annoyance that nms can't use it. Also, I think they should make more nonmember animals. I've played AJ for nearly 3 years, and in my time playing, they haven't released a single nonmember animal! Also need to add more items for nonmembers in shops! Especially in the diamond shop. There's only 7 items for nms in the whole shop (excluding the gems you can buy).They also need more pets. there are only 3 pets (I believe) for nonmembers. The honeybee, Joey, and hamster. And you can only get the joey if you have AJ jump! And the bees were limited time!
    Overall I hope Nonmembers get more things that they deserve. I'm not saying that they should get EVERYTHING members get, though, as members do have to pay real money for memberships, and it wouldn't be fair for them.

    I hope this rant actually makes sense, lol.

  13. I agree with you they should add more features to the game for non-members and they where able to be able to gift and receive gifts at one point

  14. I remember when the nms could gift and receive gifts.
    One January morning, I log on, and there's the legendary pink glove. And I couldn't get it. I was crushed

  15. Ducktapeis Clara88May 24, 2016 at 7:48 PM

    I am currently using a backup aj because my main account has no password for some reason. I will probably never play on that account again... sad. I had hundreds of betas and I played shortly after beta testing. I think non members should get the same rights as members because in aj im broke now because its a backup nm account. I have no betas on it and I cant get any because ppl cant send me anything. Im ducktapeis btw. If you want to see my main account (Currently broken account) just type in clara88. My den was a store, but I cant get onto the account. Enjoy my den! Keep on jammin'

  16. I agree. How long have the jammer wall 'testing' Gone for?

  17. The good thing is, is that AJ recently made Pigs and Giraffes NM. Maybe this is a sign?

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