Sunday, May 8, 2016

Smart Fox Servers

Hello Jammers! Happy Mother's Day! ^.^

Last year there was a little gossip going around about a mysterious account that had a good possibility of being owned by AJHQ.

(picture credit to Meloetta385)

Can you see what is strange about this player card? *thinking time*

The monkey's name is Smart Fox Support, which obviously isn't a name you can generate legally through a regular Animal Jam account.

Well, believe it or not, Smart Fox is actually a company that runs the servers in Animal Jam.

Interesting, huh?

Like AJHQ has an account, Smart Fox may also have had an account. You never know! ;P



  1. I was staring at the picture for a while trying to figure out what's different about it XD But that's really cool that they have an account!

  2. Sadly if you look up SmartFox now, the name of the animal is something Smartyfox. Something like that. It was cool while it lasted :1
    Lol, when you said thinking time, I thought of that gameshow-ish music. I wanted to add a link but I can't find a vid of it, grr! :P


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