Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Story of the ''Bay Be Watermelon Pirate''

It was a magical day in Jamaa. Naffy was strolling along in Jamaa Township, admiring the nature all around her, when suddenly she received a Jam-A-Gram from a gal named Beautyisfabulous.

She was in an empty server, so she wasn't totally sure how she could have found me, but here is what Beauty said:

Beauty also sent Naffy another JAG that said she was a baby pirate. o-o

This sounded pretty interesting to Naffy, so she decided to take a chance and adopt this ''bay be watermelon pirate''.

When Naffy met with Beauty at her den, Beauty greeted her by calling her a ''mummy sister panda figure''. An... intriguing nickname. O.o

When Beauty demanded Naffy to take her to the movie theater in Sarepia Forest, she immediately threw a huge hissy fit. She threw NASTY, REPULSIVE insults at poor, poor Naffy. Just a few of her awful words are shown below:

Eventually Naffy decided she'd had enough, so she unbuddied Beauty and locked her out of the den. Naffy continued her explorations for future post ideas and lived a long, happy, and healthy life.



  1. i don't get it that person doesn't look like a melon or a pirate.


  2. Oh my fadoodling fuzzles, what the heckadoodles happened there XDD


  3. Still not as bad as PrincessDareDevil. *Shudders*

  4. Still not as bad as PrincessDareDevil

  5. i shed a tear..

    ps this post made me choke on my pepsi out of laughter, thanks naffy YOU MOLDY SPONGE


  6. Nothing like laughing your head off at 11:30 at night!

  7. Thats so funny!!!! Peoples on animal jam are weird.

  8. Lol this reminds me of a time when i was getting adopt on animal jam (play wild) so basically i was adopted along with another person who was a fox i was a bunny i think our mom was an arctic wolf but she called me flowers and i think she called the fox fauna so when we got there we were talkin for a bit and then we had to sleep being the good bay be i am i went to the couch thingy she had as a bed but fauna didn't want to than she asked our mum for a fruit hat which was an item from the sapphire/diamond shop in play wild mum said she had no sapphires and couldn't get it than fauna started throwing a fit and eventually mum gave in and said she would the next day (in game) than fauna went to bed sayin that she would finally get a fruit hat than the next day we ate food and i was watchin tv and mum left to get a fruit hat for fauna she eventually came back saying she couldn't get one and than fauna started complaining again and heres the thing that makes me wonder about that child because she said "NOW HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET OAT MOM HOT ME TO MOM HOT ME?" and i was just like O_o and eventually fauna ran away because her "oat mom hot me" wouldn't "mom hot her/me" btw fauna if you are reading this no offence i just thought it was funny welp stay cool kids :-P


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