Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Lynx Pattern

When you go to purchase a lynx, it now comes with a default lynx-only exclusive pattern!

Pretty cool, right? :D


  1. I saw that a month or so ago XD
    I thought everybody had noticed it by now o.O


  2. Hi!
    Well life's OK but busy for me.
    Some animals do come with special patterns! The flower pattern(s) used to be limited to seals (and penguins whatnot?). I think they've been removed?

    Ooh, I remember the poll achievement. Brings in some memories...

  3. LOL, I like it! (I need a lynx... badly... XD)

    But, um... Didn't this come when the lynxes came out? @.@ (sorry if this is rude... >.<)

    1. I dunno.... XD I have a lynx. but I don't remember this pattern... maybe thats cuz I didn't change the pattern once I think! XDD

    2. They came out about a year ago, I believe. :)

    3. Just about! They were the first new animal I remember, and I go back about a year. :)


  4. Oh yeah, I remember my sis begging me to help her make a look and I noticed that. But that was like 2 weeks ago.

  5. AJHQ was on today.. AND I GOT AN AUTO!

  6. I take this post as a big compliment.

  7. The update.. is taking.. forever Jam on and keep calm though!


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