Friday, September 23, 2016

Secret Room in Front Lines Adventure

About a week ago my friend Cheer emailed me with some pictures she took of an AJ easter egg in the Front Lines adventure. She said she and her friends discovered a secret cave with crystals and water and plants and... Greely?

Before you go down the purple tube near the end of the adventure, take a left and you will fall deep down in a room. As you explore you may come across Greely, who is sitting reverently by a little pool of water.


You will find a lost earring that, according to Greely, belongs to Peck. And we all know Greely; loyal but suspicious, so of course he is questioning what Peck's earring is doing down in a dark hidden cavern.

Could Peck possibly play a role in a future adventure? Why was she down in that cave? What were her motivations or reasons?

Cliffhangers, cliffhangers...


  1. *intense hunger games style music*




    Dun dun dunnn *drum beats intensify*

    All we can hope is that whatever that key ring does, it results on the chicken spirit stone being found.


  2. i could not find greely! can you plz tell me why?


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