Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Animal Jam Adventure Weapons

Hello! ^-^

Are you ever out and about on an adventure, and you wonder why it takes so long to destroy, say, a phantom pod? Believe it or not, certain items can help increase the damage when you click on a phantom pod and attack it. Here is a list of some items that might be helpful and just how much damage they do.

Image result for rainbow gauntlets animal  jam
picture credit to meloetta385
1. Ice Gauntlets / -32 damage
2. Rainbow Gauntlets / -31 damage
3. Wind Gauntlets / -34 damage
4. Phoenix Leg Armor / -29 damage
5. Bone Claws / -36 damage
6. Legendary Glove / -35 damage
7. Mummy Glove / -27 damage
8. Glove / -25 damage
9. Lava Glove / -31 damage
10. Dragon Glove / -29 damage
11. Spirit Gauntlet / -29 damage
12. Freedom Glove / -21 damage
13. Silver Glove / -23 damage
14. Golden Lava Glove / -37 damage
15. Sword / -20 damage
16. Lasso / -12 damage
17. Golden Mummy Glove / -36 damage
18. Scorpion Claws / -32 damage
19. Pirate Sword / -25 damage


  1. Whoa, this is really useful! I never knew lassos do damage o.o


  2. The Lasso does damage? Go figure.

  3. Okay, for some reason, Lassos make me think of hitting all the Phantom Pipes with Llamas. XD

  4. I never knew any of this..!
    Thanks for making this post, it's really helpful!

  5. i didn't know lassos could do damage. one other thing where phantom armor?
    (btw it does 29 damage.)


    1. It does? Whoops. o~o Mah bad. XP

      It's found in treasure chests in... Grr, I can't remember! I am sure it is one of two adventures, Greely's Inferno or The Search For Greely, leaning towards the latter. The adventure must be played in Hard mode for the treasure chests to award armor.

      Check out the AJ Wiki for info on which piece of armor is in which chest. Hope I helped! :D


  6. Phantom Gauntlets = 39 Damage ;)

    (DXplorergirl) on her iPad with Google sign-in problems :P

  7. I tested the lasso out, and I found that they didn't do any extra damage XD

  8. Diamond Gauntlets do -33


  9. Flower gauntlets do -30 damage btw ;)

  10. A Zios Glove does 39 Damage, and a Spirit Armour Glove does 33. Not sure if anyone needed to know that. So i think in adventures the Zios Glove is the best glove. I'm not sure though.

    1. Yeah that's the best glove in adventures.

  11. We need a weapon that throws our pets at objects without losing our pets
    40 damage

  12. The stone sword appears to do 45 damage! And I remember hearing in a video a long time back that something did 75 damage but I can't remember what it was? Anybody know?

    1. I know that the alpha sword does a ridiculous amount if damage, not sure tho (maybe 75 or 100) but those are almost impossible to trade for, and to get one by buying irl u have to play like 300$

  13. I got a nice -51 wearing a rare spike, stone sword ad autumn gauntlets.

  14. Can you stack the effects of these items?

  15. Just a tip: the Mega-Glove 3000 also works too. 30 damage.

  16. Apart from the pirate sword, are there any non member items that help in adventures? Thx!

  17. This might be a late post, but Greely's Gauntlets can deal 50+ damage, from what I can remember before my membership expired.

  18. The alpha sword did 50,000 but then the turned it down to 1,000


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