Friday, September 23, 2016

15 Things Animal Jam Needs

1. An auction house/trading post
2. More sound settings
3. More NM animal slots
4. More clothing and den space
5. Color wheel
6. More music slots
7. More animal names
8. More pet names
9. More lands
10. More emoticons
11. More mini games
12. More 3D story line adventures
13. Alpha plushies
14. More buddy space
15. More tools on the AJ paint


  1. So true.
    Also, 16. More NEW non-member animals or a new non-member animal. (yes, I know, we got the pig, but we should somehow fill the new animal slots :P)

  2. What about emotions/expressions that your animal would make on it's face? If I got a gem every time they made a new emoji, I would be a billionaire.

  3. (and I agree, my buddy list is already full >,<)

  4. 1. Ocelots
    2. Chickens
    3. A better storyline (ha ha)
    4. Goggles that go on your head instead of your eyes.
    5. A bigger pixel den.
    6. More portal frames
    7. Waffles
    8. More alpha designs. I mean, when will we actually see the rest of the alphas?
    9. Moose
    10. Smarter employees (jk jk)
    11. Diamond shop party hats in new colours (like the spikes)
    12. More items to go with stemgogs *steampunk goggles*
    13. Hoodies. Idk why
    14. Everything in the vids Julian and Smiley made coz I'm too lazy to write any more.


    1. YES!! to the goggles! #SteampunkGeek


  5. Here are my thoughts on these :)
    1. Yes. (I know Julian2 has been begging AJHQ for this XD)
    2. YES!
    4. YESSSSS
    5. Defiantly!
    6. Yes
    7. YES
    9. Omg, we need more lands, BEGGING FOR A LONG TIME
    10, Yeah! Emoticons, WE NEED MORE AJ!
    11. Yes!
    12. Yeah, and HOPEFULLY they would make it nm XD
    13. Yep, my sis (ja983) would love more alpha plushies!
    14. Idk. XD for famouse ppl like you Naffy and youtubers, and other ppl but I don't need more buddy space. XD
    15. Yeah, like maybe AJ animal stencils. :)

    Great post as usual Naffy! :D

  6. It needs a color wheel!


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