Friday, September 30, 2016

3 of My Old Buddies

When I was first starting out as a tiny, lonely little squib on Animal Jam, I didn't know much. It seemed like everyone else knew what they were doing. I didn't have many online friends at the time either, so that didn't help things. Luckily as I got used to the game more I found some people who were very nice to me and helped me get to where I am today. Here are three of those people and their stories.

The first person I ever remember buddying besides my siblings and my IRL friends was Gwenandkat. I met her in the art studio one day after I was doing playing around with the print-'n-play activities. We started chatting and we instantly became friends. It's a shame she doesn't play anymore.

Another great buddy of mine back in the early days of my Animal Jam experience was DarkDragonGirl12. She and Gwen were actually best friends, and I met both of them at the same place at the same time. I remember her significantly because of her act of generosity and kindness she gave towards me. I had a few questions about gloves, which were super rare in the olden days, and she just so happened to have loads of extra gloves that she gave me one. It was a purple glove, my very first clothing item. Dark still comes online every now and then just to visit, and I find that quite nice.

The final person I feel like talking about today is candynchips. I honestly don't remember much of her (or why we ever unbuddied each other because we never got into a fight or anything), but I do remember that she was one of my earliest AJ friends. She was fun to hang out with.

What buddies have YOU known for a long time? Any particular experiences you remember having with them? Are any of them still active?

Have a great day!


  1. Ok let me tell you the story of an old buddy of mine. I think she quit, her username was Lillyann2004 but i think she's more suited to the name moth queen.

    In 2015, she was my closest AJ buddy. We did everything together, until one day she was trading for my orange short wrist. This is our conversation. I'll be A and she'll be M

    M-no ty
    A-then no deal :l
    M-*cry emote* but mine was scallop
    A-fine do it again
    M-can I have my diamond spike back?
    A-um why
    *gives it back
    A-you traded them to me...
    M-no I gifted.

    This process repeted several times until I had no spikes wrists left. I was getting depressed, and this friin kid just wouldn't stop until one day she tried to blackmail me of my party hat. That was the final straw. She was screaming at me for being a scammer, telling everyone to report me and I was in floods of tears. Finally, I reporter her and she was rid of. Sadly, that experience scarred me for life. I'm still confident online, but for some reason I'm nervous in real life. Moth queen scared me so much as a lil 11 year old Kraft, and at the time I was getting bullied in school for being a crybaby, because sometimes I remembered the moth queen and broke down.

    To this day, everyone who doesn't know me thinks I'm a nervous, nerdy jerk.

    Anyway, that's a random vent. Sorry for filling the comment section with unnecessary stuff.


  2. Rawr07 and Rattlespud2004! I would be as bored as poop if I didn't meet these users!

  3. Hmm, I can't think of any on Animal Jam but I remember when I joined this game called Amazing World, I met this one girl who was really nice. Her name was Sparkleutime. She taught me the ways of the game. She sadly quit a little while after we met. I still remember her though. :)

    1. I used to play Amazing World! The first people I met were Whifflehisenbender and Sparklesuesslolly. Then Sparkle quit, and I met Funralsin and Farrskyaways, and I sort of forgot. Whiff quit for a while too. I also was friends with the rest of the AP. We tried to stop the Bad Foxes from bullying people. The other people in the group were Plaidtenear, Beeashter, Spark??????? and some other friends. ?=Unknown letters. I remember some bullies too, like Droddown.

  4. Well my first buddy (I still can't believe I remember their user) was cookiecake209. They were very kind, but we unbuddied each other for no reason. Then, for some weird reason, "cookiecake209" popped up in my head. I remembered who she was, and we Jam-a-Gramed each other, talking about if we remembered who the other was. She and I don't talk a lot anymore, but she still was my first buddy! I'll always remember her.

    Then there's bunnysaresocute39. She's my bff and the one who introduced me to Animal Jam. She stopped playing, but logs on once in a while if I'm on. She and I are real life bffs, but she moved to Texas... I miss her very much!

    Then there was this girl who was named something like Dragongirl#### (The number signs are just random numbers cause I forgot them) She used to play the Forgotten Desert with some of her friends and me. Then for no reson, she unbuddied me. Those were the good ol' days, and mind you, I've only been playing for about 1 and a half years. I got so many rares from that... Though now, I own spikes, a fox hat, and lots of rares, most of them from playing with her. (The spikes and fox hat I just got really lucky with because I won the fox hat in a fashion show, and the spikes I got from trading for like a billion years.)

    These were all my good friends when I first started playing Animal Jam, except for Dragongirl####. She was one of my first friends when I became a member, but now I'm a nonmember. Sadly.


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