Friday, September 9, 2016

The Fruits of Captain Melville's Juice Hut

Hi everybody! ^.^ Welcome back to the AJW for another post.

Today we're going to be talking about Captain Melville's juice hut and the kinds of fruits there inside the hut.

Quick fun fact: Captain Melville is the name of a pub in Melbourne, Australia. o.0 Betcha didn't know that before.

Most of the fruits that are sitting in the little cases on the front desk are easy to recognize, but the ones hanging in the small bowls from the ceiling might not be so familiar to you, and that's exactly why I'm making this post!

We'll start with the simple stuff (left to right, alright? hey, that rhymes! XD):

Raspberry, orange, pineapple, strawberry, starfruit, blueberry

Onto the tougher ones. Before you continue reading, try to guess the names of each of these fruits:

Gosh, I'm treating you guys like kindergartens, ahaha. >:P

Now for the names of these fruits (top to bottom):

Guayaba, lychee, paw paw, horned melon, cherimoya

Interesting, huh? :D

I never knew this before until I got curious.

Welp, I hope ye learned something today! G'bye!


  1. And I am not a whole kinder"garden" building
    SO therefore other people aren't kinder"gardens"
    What about a kinder"gardener"

    Because I am a kinder"garden", but I am not a baby blog
    I will call new blogs Kinder"Gardens"


  2. Wow, cool, I never take notice of the fruits of that place ;) XDD

  3. Those are the weirdest names for fruit ever!

  4. Sorry, but for the horned melon, I believe it is a durian/jackfruit and for the paw paw, it is actually a papaya.

  5. Oh, and the cherimoya may also be called a custard apple.


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