Monday, September 26, 2016

Graham Crackers + Sherlock Holmes Outfit

Whenever you're feeling hungry, sit down and snack on some GRAHAM CRACKERS!

And if you're up to solving a mystery, you can dress up like the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.


Investigator's Hat
Plaid Shirt


  1. Coming soon-cinnamon grahams

    Wait, imagine if graham was actually his second name and he was secretly Lukas Graham! :oo

    This changes everything.

    My randomness got a tad out of hand there XD

    And on the subject of the Sherlock outfit, isn't it annoying that the shirts and jackets go over the leg items? I wish aj would change it..


  2. I always joke around with my friends about Graham Crackers XS

  3. Cool, using the Plaid Shirt! I always used the Topcoat for that outfit before. :)


  4. Hehe, Grahams..;) Cool backround!

  5. LOL, that's pretty funny. XD Now all we need is an Alpha named Marshmallow and Chocolate!

    OH MY WORD!! NAFFY! NAFFYNAFFYNAFFYNAFFY! Your new background... IT'S THE SAME BACKGROUND AS MY SISTER'S BACKGROUND FOR HER BLOG! XD That's so funny! Great minds think alike! ^.^

  6. Wait..... Are those crackers actually real???? I never thought they would come out with that....


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