Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 180: Sir Gilbert's Palace

Hi Jammers! ^.^ Today is an update day, and for once the update has arrived right on schedule. I'm about to leave for school, so let's get this post over with.

A new den is available for purchase in the Diamond Shop, and it's called Sir Gilbert's Palace. It actually looks really pretty and it's not SUPER big either. If your favorite alpha is Sir Gilbert, this is definitely the den for you.

Rhinos are back! Yippee! :D Rhinos have always been one of my favorite animals in AJ.

Every September Animal Jam turns one year older, and this year it's turning 6! Can you believe how fast time flies? O.o That means the birthday festivities are back! The AJ Birthday Party has returned hopefully with some new items in the shop, and a brand new 6 year birthday cake can be obtained by entering this code: AJBDAY6

You can click on different parts of the cake to add lots of layers. Here is what it looks like at full size, I think:

It's too pretty to eat! :3

Well, we were right, Jammers: lemurs are the next animal to come to Jamaa. I have my expectations for this animal and I hope it meets them.

When an animal comes back, one must leave. This time it's llamas! You only have until the next update before llamas depart for who knows how long.

Today's the first day of September, and just about everybody is back in school, so the Summer Carnival will soon be leaving. All prizes are 50% off until the next update.

And finally a toy advertisement. Nothing too special.

What do you think of today's update?

Thanks for reading, g'bye!


  1. I knew it!!! When I saw the wood carving I went all the way by searching the world map on google and comparing the carving to every single small country on the map X3 And I concluded that the carving was an upside down-ish version of Madagascar. And lemurs are only found on Madagascar :P
    Anyways, I bet Julian2 is fangirling (fanboying) over the Sir Gilberts Palace XD

  2. I call this the Julian2 update.

    I love the new den, like holy cow its beautiful!
    I'm so sad that at the AJ bday party they removed all the bronze statues minus the main 6 alphas. Hopefully they'll bring the others out... I needed another Juno statue >:(

    Also because my birthday is literally tomorrow, maybe instead of the AJ Bday party, it should be the AJ-Kraft-Bday party. Hah... Hah..*booing crowd noise*
    Fun fact-I have a friend whose birthday is actually on the AJ birthday. Which is rather amazing.

    Also I need help on becoming a teenager please XD

  3. do you know where you get the epic pizza hat i need one its making me hungry and its huanting me

  4. This makes me think of what the cake will be like for the tenth birthday :O


  5. If the lemurs are in the diamond shop i'm gonna be dissapointed for like the 10th time

    1. I can assure you that you'll be disappointed for the 10th time

  6. The illustration of the lemur is disappointing. It's a ring-tail lemur 'cause that's the lemur people know best. Hopefully the patterns will allow you to make it look like other types of lemurs.
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