Sunday, September 11, 2016


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  1. Its a touchy topic for me since my uncle was helping out with ground zero shortly after the attacks :')

  2. D,:

    I know very well that we cannot forget 9/11, but I wish people wouldn't be so into that the next day, which is my birthday. I actually had my party today!
    Ugh, I sound so, so rude. I'm sorry.

    1. Well firstly happy late birthday!
      Secondly, of course it must be a little bit frustrating that people are so into it the next day, but it really is a hard time for people as a LOT of people have sadly lost their loves ones so they can't help being sad during that time of year.

  3. :'(

    I never really knew much about 9/11 until a few years ago, since nobody really talks about it in the UK as much as in America, but none the less it's so awful I could never forget it.



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